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My neighbors tiny kitten and her rat

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My neighbor is taking care of a tiny kitten (I hope she keeps him!) and he LOVES her rat I am not really a fan of rats but they are cute together.. they love to play.

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Oh wow!!! That is adorable!!

That's either a super small kitty or a ginormous rat!
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ha! super cute
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Is he an orphan kitten? Glad he found a friend!
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They even match! That's so cute!

And rats are such great pets! They're really friendly and intelligent.
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We're guessing the kit is about 5 weeks. Some kids found him and gave him to my neighbor at the barn where she takes care of her horses. So she took him home to take care of him. She already has 2 cats (the limit here at our apts ) and 5 rats!! But we're taking care of him at least until he can be adopted. He is SO freaking cute.. I have never been around such a little kit and its so much fun to watch him grow and develop. Her cats dont like him but the rats do

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Wow that is so cute - I like mice over rats, but that is a precious picture - wonder what will happen when kitty is 3-4 times the size of that rat?
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Adorable. I should think growing up together should instill in the kitty that "rats are friends"....I have seen pics of adult cats curled lovingly up with rats.
Its a weird juxtaposition but its so cute.
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that is too cute! wish I had the guts to try that with my rat and cats, but no can do! they will have to be happy staring at each other thru the glass
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How darn cute is that! Possibly long distance cousins??
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Soooooo cute!!!
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Oh my gosh, those pics are just way too cute!!!
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post

That is too much it should be a poster or something saying cats don't discriminate. It's precious, If we could all see the world like an innocent kitten does we would be better for it!!!
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that was so cute. Thanks for that. The last pic was too much! I almost died from cute overload.
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which ones the rat? lol i have a white rat that was larger than Stewie when we got him. Kinda freaky...they looked liked cousins!
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OMG, these pictures just get cuter and cuter!
That last one would definitely make a great poster!
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That is sooooooo cute!!!!
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Really cute pics My daughters used to raise hooded rats and they and the cats got along famously
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OHMY!! THere should have been a cuteness warning on this one!!! Just absolutely precious!!!
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Too, too cute!! They're both adorable, but that last pic just takes the cake!
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more pics! I demand more!
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Awww.... that last photo is simply precious! How cute!
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Awwww how lovely - little kitty is just so full of innocence
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I am reminded of when I got my red & white cocker spaniel (Rex ) we already had Butterscotch, a red tabby. They were about the same size and became the best of friends and spent their time wrestling or resting up for the next wrestling match!
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Awwww How cute!

The pictures are so incredibly precious!
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that kitten is braver than I am!!!
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What a Cute picĀ“s sooo Tenders!

More please!.....More!
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Here's a couple more lol. I was trying to get a pic of Fearless and the kitten (now named Zorro!) eating out of the same bowl so Reneit put a piece of chicken in there but Fearless just ended up running off with the chicken in her mouth

And a few new ones of Zorro, he's getting big already!! Must be 8 weeks now.

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They are so adorable together!! If you ever get more pictures I would LOVE to see them!!
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