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Such a softie...

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When I asked DH if it was fine to get a foster kitten, he said no he didn't want another cat in the house, then eventually relented.

Smudge had the runs yesterday, and I assumed it was because she was only eating tinned food, so I said we should go to PetSmart and get some KMR and see if that helps. I wanted to give her that, and mix in to her dry food to make that more appealing.

So we get to PetSmart and he says "ooooh look, bottles - I want to bottle feed her!". Then he says "oooh look - bathing wipes - we better get some of these to make cleaning her easier", then it was "look at this - BeneBac - it's supposed to give them the good bacteria they need - she probably needs that since she isn't getting mothers milk".

So we walked away with KMR, a bottle feeding kit, the big pack of bathing wipes, the BeneBac, and some cat grass that he also picked up for the older girls on the way out. I only wanted KMR!!!!
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LOL he sounds like my DH!!! When we found Blaze, he said SHE was IT.Yeah right.
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