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First Pics of my Bubs on here

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well, as i just stated in my intro thread( http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...90#post1338490 ) i 'm posting pictures of my furbabies. Thomnes, Spud, and Jasper. i'll throw in a picture of my gal Kursty that just moved in with my sisters a little while ago too hehe

so...without out further ado...

my girls, Jasper and Kursty:


ten and a half years old

groooming in the garden


just turned seventeen!

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and my boys!

Spud man:

just over two years old and a bit more than fifteen or so pounds.

pig boy!

he actually sleeps like this hehe

Spud being cute and fancy

my pride and joy...Thomnes!

thom about a month ago, sleeping

he's so big now! about eight or so pounds! and only six months old. he's getting "snipped" on tuesday.....i've yet to tell him hehe

handsome boy

my boys napping together (excuse the mess, typical teenage room eh? hehe

Thomnes' and Jasper's outdoor adventure (he only comes outside if i'm right there with him and he hates being left alone in the house. he cries if he's in and i'm outside) note his big poofy tail hehe so poofy.....

oh..and i was wondering, does it look like Thomnes will be a big boy? our old vet (changed finally thank goodness! since when does it cost over two hundred dollars for first shots? AH!, of course this is also the man that suggested spending 5000$ on a cat that had practically died before he even put the poor boy down) said that Spud was an overly large cat formation wise. but Thom is only six months and is abotut he same size as spud already. hmmmm....

well, all for now!
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A very beautiful family you have there !!! Thom is huge !!!!!!
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They look normal sized, but they both look a little on the chubby side How much do they get fed?

They're very cute though, and Kursty looks great for 17!
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Aw they are all just so cute.................and Spud AKA Pig Boy looks a lot like My Big Guy Dino
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Pami- Thanks! he is quite the big kitten hehe

sarahp- thanks, she is doing well for her age, i just hope she's still got another five..or ten left in her hehe.

also, up until about three months ago my mum was feeding them Whiskas :/ much to my dispise, but when i got a job i started buying Brightlife, as per recommened by my boss (Persian breeder, so i thought if she fed it to her show cats it'd be ok). Since buying that food they're fur has been glossier, their bad breath has dissapeared, Spud's bald patches cleared up (even the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with him), and they have all actually lost wiegth haha Spud has a lot of mucle to him, the only squishy part is the bit of pink tummy you can see in the picture. Thom is a lot of fur and chub, but he's still a kitten so he gets an exception.

mooficat- thanks! Big Guy Dino is quite the handsome man! looks like such a sweetheart

- Adrian
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