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'Ello, 'Ello!

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'ello all!

well, i've been lurking for a bit..so i thought i should introduce myself and my furbabies . I'm sixteen, female, and live in a teeny town in Southern Ontario, Canada. i'm in grade eleven, loving it, and i plan to go to a relatively nearby Univeristy to follow a career in ichthyology and invertabrate ecology. i am in love with anything and eveything nature. during my brief sixteen years i have had a variety of pets (dogs, cats obviously hehe, a whole bunch 'o guinea pigs, bunnies, freshwater fish, and my aquatic snails). at the moment i have my snails (canas, brigs, marisa's and common rams), two guinea pigs, three cats that live with me, and two dogs and another cat that live at my dad's house in the next city over.

all my life i've had cats, the house i lived in before my parents split up was right across the road from the town mill, so there were strays everywhere. we used to get them spayed/neutered, but it became too costly so we ended up just finding a homes for a LOT of kittens. we kept three of the kittens from a stray we named Tulip (she had four litters with us). we named them Blackie (who died about three years ago R.I.P), Jasper and Kater (she is the one who now lives with my dad) hehe don't laugh at the names, i was six ok? both are now ten and half years old they're half brother lives just down the street, he's about thirteen now and still remembers us.

up until recently i had four cats. my oldest (kursty, who will be seventeen next month!) went to live with my sister's over in London (she had become too stressed with the two boy kitties that bullied her ). she was my grandmother's cat, but she became unable to care for her, so it was either have Kursty be put down or we take her, we chose the latter of course! she used to be such a nasty evil thing. no one could get close enough to touch, but as soon as she moved in here, my stepdad picked her up and from then on she was a sweet as could be haha

now onto my other kitties! i have two boys and a girl (Jasper). my boys are Spud and Thomnes.

acquiring Spud was a heartbreaking experience (and long), not because of him, but because of another cat. about three years ago i was in my backyard when i heard meowing. it turned out to be a little tabby kitten (about four or so weeks old). catching the little guy (we late named him Spiff) was quite hard to catch. to make a long story short i ended up with a lot of bruises and a gash in my hand :/ . when we got him in and examined him we found that someone had actually hurt the poor boy. he had a promoinant gash between his shoulder blades all the way along his side to his stomach . we took him to the vet, got him checked out and nursed him back to health. i've never loved anything more than this cat, he was too precious. my mum said we couldn't keep him, but about four months later one of our elderly cats got hit by a car on PURPOSE by these idiotic boys that live in the neighbourhood. (i mean, who could possibly miss seeing a 30 pound pitch black cat in the middle of the day? and he was hit on the sidewalk too. these guys later walked by our house while we were crying out front and started laughing...) so, my mum said we could keep Spiff after that. the truly heartbreaking part is that not even a year later we had to put him down becuase of severe anemia and liver failure. not one week later we drove to an SPCA and picked up Spud (such a big suck and loves his treaties). Spud is our fancy man and runs this house haha

on to a happier story, Thomnes! this big guy was born this year in late February by one of my friends cats. it wasn't until late may that i got him hehe. i finally got a job (local petstore), so i could afford vet bills and all that good stuff. so, i brougth him home and he's been a momma's boy ever since hehe. sleeps beside me everynight and apparently i'm not to be anywhere without him, go to the bathroom alone, sit down without him on me, or he gets upset *shakes head and chuckles* he's on my lap right now!

and Jasper, or Snasper as i call her, is just a big 'ole suckie cat. drools liek crazy too. my boys are strictly indoor, but this girl..you couldn't keep her inside if it killed you. she was born a stray, and will always have that in her heart. she has her collar and tag on constantly though, and in the ten and a half years we've had her she's never strayed farther than the neighbours yard. even when we moved, which was odd :/ . she just loves the outdoors!

so...that's me and my kitties! and wow........i typed a lot...bless you if you read that all :].

i'm going to go post piccies of my babies in the Fur Pictures forum..so check that to if you want to see them.

- Adrian
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and welcome to TCS !

phew ! what a fascinating read !

well I´m gonna whizz of and have a look at the photos, cant wait to see your fur-family !
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thank you hehe

i can't wait to meet everyone on here, it seems like such a friendly and knowledgable forum.
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Welcome Adrian!
Hi also to Jasper, Thomnes and Spud!
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Hi there Adrian we're so happy to welcome you and your furbabies to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just ask and I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you on the forums!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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thanks everyone! i've done a lot of reading....and learning lots.

i hope to meet most of you soon on the forums!
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Dear Adrian:

Hi! I'm a new, NEW kitten here, just joined two days ago, and I'm owned currently by 9 felines, all rescues, all (of course!) spayed/neutered, and when they say jump, I say how high! Thanks so much for doing all you can for homeless cats and kittens. Sounds like you and your family have your hearts in the right place. As far as the sociopaths you talk about, aren't there cruelty hotlines in your area that you could report them to? Or wouldn't the police do something? They've committed murder, after all, and that should be something that's not tolerated and that gets punished by the law! They need to be caught and prosecuted, and educated, if it's possible.

Really glad you are doing all you can for cats! Keep it up!
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