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Pet insurance. Anyone have any?

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If so, what's it cost and what's it cover?

Just curious...
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I do not have it yet. But I looked into it today. Here is the link.

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I have been looking into it for my own cats.

The base tends to be around $10 - 20 a month, but if you want coverage for spaying/neutering and vaccinations it costs more. I have only found 2 companies in the US that offer it. There are tons in England but not much for the US.

What I really wanted was vaccination coverage for my pets but no one offers it solo.

The plan I looked at the closest was the one that had a $250 deductible - and they covered $1500 a year after that you had to pay out of your pocket. In all cases, you pay the bill yourself and then send the bill in to them and they reimburse you, so I opted not to bother with it for now until there is more competition and the cost comes down some.
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Cat insurance is about £5 a month in the UK, although I know that's no use to you. You usually pay around the first £35-£50 of the bill.

Hope you get something sorted.
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See now I could expect to pay that. For our kids health insurance we pay $12 a week (the company pays the other $12) for the family plan (this coverage is for 4 people) and we have a $10 deductible for each visit - $100 for hospitalization. So if we got pet insurance, we would be paying almost as much for one cat as we do for 2 kids.
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I must admit, I wouldn't like to live in the US due to the insurance rates and the cost of living. Over here we have the NHS(National Health Service) and all our medical bills are paid for. You can of course have private treatment, but that does cost an arm and a leg. I suppose that's what we pay for for having great service. Shame we have to pay a fortune to help keep our families and pets healthy.
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My mom is originally from England (East Yorkshire) and she has every intention on retiring back to England (she never became a U.S. Citizen - she much prefers her home land, but Dad was an American Air Force guy and she loved him enough to make the move)- she can't see affording health care on retirement income. Which saddens me, I don't want her to go an ocean away, but I can understand her reasoning.

Meanwhile, the day will come when they offer more pet insurance here and then prices will go down.
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I have pet insurance and have done ever since I got my babies, it has proved to be a lifesaver!! literally!! I pay just under £5.00 a month each cat (I get a discount for insuring multiple pets. Had I not had it a while ago, Monty (my Cornish Rex) would not be with us today... he was rushed in for emergency surgey on his intestines, it cost a total of around £700.00 we could never have afforded to pay that, but thankfully, the insurance did! Although we DID have a hard time getting it as the first company I went with were awful!! But as soon as they had paid for his treatment I cancelled ALL my policies with them and have since found another company
It covers up to £3000 worth of vets bill for each cat and on each incident, it covers up to £250 if you lose your pet or it gets stolen - the money is to search for the pet and offer a reward, it also covers kennels/cattery fees if you have to go in hospital for any reason (other than pregnancy), and it covers third party damages up to about £5000 (for a dog, it covers up to £1 million on this) It also covers any other kind of treatment your pet has, like homeopathy etc or behavioural treatment.
I wouldn't be without it now...

PS you can also claim the price of your pet back if it dies before the age of 11 for any reason, and you can still claim it after 11 if it dies from an accident. Theres lots of other stuff it covers too, but I can't remember all of it..
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Ooops I forgot this..... the excess (what you have to pay) is £45 if you have the top cover (which I have) if you have the lowest kind of cover, you have to pay the £45 and then 25% of the total cost. (thats why I have the top cover!! works ou a much better deal!!)
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Suki's insured on Direct Line and we've had no problems, yet. No I lie, they didn't pay out for a X-ray for some stupid reason :/
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The company I had trouble with was called Petwise (I THINK!! I can't remember exactly) it was a complete nightmare!! They took 6 months to even acknowledge the claim and we didn't hear a word from them.... the only way I got them to actually DO something was by faxing them a letter threatening them with my solicitor.... strangley enough, they they contacted me then.....
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