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1 yr old cat and 7 week old kitten.... HELP!!!

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Im new and yes... i searched... no good info found. Heres my dilema. i got a little over 1 yr old cat whos been a loner her whole life. shes fixed and her name is Whitty...(how original u say? ) then i got this new 7 week old kitten name Cali. shes super playful as most kittens are and loves to run around and explore and seems to adapt very well to my apt. Now witty seems to be in SHOCK! she doesnt seem to want to eat as much. shes like "scared" of humans now and just seems to want to find out what this other moving thing is in her house! welp, she tries but cali (7 week old) just goes into HISS mode and it scared the older cat whitty to death! Theres been no blows so thats good. i bought a seperate litter pan for whom ever and keep them apart for now (the litters). It just seems wierd that this new cat is so young and fresh from being around lots of cats and kittens and is the one hissing and acting insane! The older one just wants to sniff and get to know her! any tips or tricks we can do here? thanks ppl!
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Welcome to TCS!

I don't know how you introduced them or if you've looked at this resource, but I suggest checking out the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum titled " Have a Behavior Problem- Look here first!" In that thread, there's a link to "Introducing new cats to old" and ""I'd like you to Meet..." - Introducing Cats."

Whitty will probably need some time to adjust to sharing her space. They'll sort things out- it just takes time and patience.

Good luck!
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I've read that when threatened or actually being attacked.....
a human baby cries for comfort;
a puppy shows submission and whines for mercy;
a kitten hisses, growls and absolutely defends itself.
New kittens do that and it can really upset the older cat who isn't used to other cats being around. My daughter's cat, Christy, was raised alone, and used to get hurt feelings when the youngsters were anti-social, but now she tries to give the first hiss. It's sad because my other cats, Joey & JC, take it all in stride and really enjoy the amusing antics of kittens.
At this point, I would really give Whitty some TLC. Extra groomings with small, lick-like strokes and extra time with you & some teasers might help her out - her cat-world is being rocked hard by Cali and you can be the calming factor. Just don't feel too sorry for Whitty cuz she'll pick up on your distress and might interpet it as being that it isn't good to have Cali around.
I'm sending {{{harmony prayers and vibes}}} for your home. Bless you for rescuing Cali from the shelter. It may be that you ought to add another kitten Cali's age, so Cali's focus goes to a pal her own age and she has a companion, and Whitty gets left in peace.
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