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Hello all. I guess before I say anything I should say that I know I'm over reacting, but I was really upset & I just have to talk about this. Today at work I was informed that I can no longer visit this site on my lunch hour. That because of the software our corporate office uses it somehow recognizes this site as a possible pronographic site. Now I understand that my computer at work is company property & if they so choose they can control what I vist on the internet, but it really upset me. I have a cat with CRF & now not only can I visit this site, I can't visit any cat sites becasue of the other name used for cats, which I won't repeat so as not to offend anyone. I guess it just makes me mad because I only get a 1/2 hour lunch so it's not like i get enough time to go anywhere & I knew if I had any wuestions about my cat's CRF at lunch I could go to certain sites to talk to others about my problems with my cat. Also, sometimes I would go to a site with free on-line games I'm no longer allowed to do that either because this same software see's those sites as gambling sites. I guess this is one of those straw that broke the camels back things, a couple months ago we were told we could no longer have radios at our desks. I don't know I'm just upset that not only did I lose my radio & the enjoyment of listening to music, but now I can't even enjoy my lunch. I guess I'm not sure what I'm going to do on my lunch now. Well I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now, I just had to vent.
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Could you maybe let your supervisor know that your cat has CRF & that this place is NOT a pornographic site? When I was at Motorola, they had software on their computers when we surfed the net -- I had a warning I belive come up while I was also on this site, and it came up with it being an inappropriate site, which I told my supervisor about -- He said not to worry about it. It could be that the software that your company is using is filtering key words that could be considered pornographic, etc.
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Our school system's filtering system blocks out jsut about everything on the net. TCS is one of the few places I can get into. Sorry to hear this Rang.
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Almost all filtering systems allow the administrator to allow designated sites, but you have to ask! It looks like you have already, but I agree with Tigger - try explaining why and it might make a difference. The only other thing I can suggest, and it's probably not helpful since you have such a constrained time, but most libraries these days have PCs - would your work be near one? That's the only other option I can think of. Sending hopeful thoughts your way.
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Rang...I am sorry to hear this. I don't have access to a computer where I work, so this has never been a problem for me, but I would be upset if I had been used to it, and it was taken away from me.

Do you have a computer at home then, that you can check in here on your time off?
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