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Now this is just pathetic :)

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This is the first semester in the four years that Ariel and I had been together that we have more than $1 left in our bank accounts at the end of the month. In fact, since we are both working much more this semester, plus student loans, we can finally afford another hobby beside cats.

So today I was online (especially trying to figure out a new hobby. Other than cats and anime there was nothing that could excite me.

I feel a little pathetic, I certainly hope I can come up with some new interests. I don't want to be known as the crazy cat lady forever!!!

What would be the quickest way to gain another hobby?
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Umm.....I unno.....anything can be a hobby I guess. Do you like exercising, cooking, reading, crafting? Consider yourself lucky, I can't seem to pick just one hobby! It gets kind of expensive!
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A hobby? What's that???
(does studying, housework and sleep count as hobbies? if not... I don't really have many )

I guess you could always invent a hobby. Or learn a new language or take a class in a local community or sports centre. Sometimes you just need to try something to find out if you like it or not. If you don't like it, then at least you'll learn something about yourself.
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Don't know if it counts as a hobby, but as soon as I am out of school and not drowning in student loans (gosh, and I'm only one quarter in!) I want to invest in a huge library. My favorite books, ones I want to read, ones that people recommend, ones about art, other hobbies, just stuff like that. All of the books that I have seen at the bookstore and really wanted and sighed when I realized they were $20, $30, sometimes $50!

I will be out of school one day, right? heh, I can't be one does end. Right?

(By the way, how do you end the month with money?! I haven't mastered that yet )
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Umm well I have a music hobby( listening and rocking) ... My other hobby is my fish ... oh and My antique professional microscope ( lots to use ) ... Reading
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I constantly ask my self what the heck is a hobby!
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I dunno if it's something you consciously search, I think interests just come naturally

When I'm not at work, since I do technical editing, I escape into creative writing, and I do yoga, which I find very therapeutic and relaxing
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I agree, its something that should come naturally.
I used to have loads of hobbies as a child, but gave most of them up through my teens.
Now I've rediscovered things that I like doing. A hobby doesn't have to be a sport or anything like that, it just has to be something you do in your leisure time, that you enjoy.
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How about keeping tropical fish? That's one of my hobbies along with reading and some other things.

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You could go walk around a craft store and see if anything strikes your fancy. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, I highly recommend it.
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I make artistic wire jewelry as a hobby.
Now, while it isn't exactly cheap to get started, there are always buyers for unique jewelry and after a few months, it pays off.
There are many kinds of jewelry that are easy to make, and not extremely time consuming.

I would suggest when looking for a hobby you visit a craft store in person (there's more to them than quilting and scrapbooking), and maybe join one or two of their (usually free) different craft classes and see if you like any of it.
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What is your goal of your hobby?? Too relax, learn a new skill and maybe be able to sell later, presents for family and friends, meet new people???
Don't tkae on too many things. Many craft stores have classes that you can try things out to see what you like!!
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Yep--go to a crafts store. And the brilliant, highly trained, usually beautiful craft experts will give you some good ideas.

(Umm...I happen to work at Michael's Arts & my opinion may be biased )
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I love Michael's
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You're a plant geneticist, right? To me your career choice seems like a perfect segue into gardening. I think you've said you live in an apartment, but many communities have either community gardens or garden plots that you "rent" for a season. You could start growing seeds in your apt. over the winter and be ready to plant come spring (and spring comes early in S. Texas!). Of course, you may be burnt out on the whole plant thing, but its a thought. I love working in our flower and veggie gardens, its very relaxing and relatively cheap (considering how much you save by growing your own veggies.)
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Are you guys both still in school? Your bound to come along hard times and not having anything to fall back on makes things a little tough. Coming from another student, my advice... make saving your new hobby That little extra you have this month might come in handy on a rainy day. If you are looking for something extra to do with your time, volunteering is always an option. There are places you can do that other than the animal shelter since you are looking to broaden your area of interest
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most people enjoy doing things they are good at. so, when deciding on a hobby, look at your talents. are you musical? detail-oriented? artistic? all of these have different hobbies attached to them. i am all of these, so i enjoy community musical theatre, counted cross-stitch, knitting, painting [canvas & fabric]. i am bad at spatial orienting, can't grow stuff, so i'm not good at gardening or sewing clothing. what are your talents?
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Try volunteering with you local girl guides, ASPCA or somthing like that it can be rewarding, destracting and somrthing that dosn't cost anything
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i vote for world of warcraft or city of villians
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Ooh but wait you can always try Anarchy Online or Everquest II
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