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Pixie Bob? What the heck...

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...kind of cat do we have?
He fits the description of a pixie bob:

snow tabby, polydactyl, naturally bobbed tail, and out-of this world personality


But he can't be an expensive cat! I found him at the County Pound, after he had been fished out of a drain pipe, in skinny, crummy condition. (High kill gov't impound, 30K+ animals euthanized each year. They even built the pound right by the LAND FILL! You have to drive through the dump's parking lot to visit the animal impound. Maybe helps inspire potential adopters? )

This picture is about a week after he was fixed and came home, already gaining weight and has quit "blowing" his haircoat.

Do you think he has a "story", or is he just a unique puddy? He is so sweet, so laid back, nothing bothers him. We are so happy he lives with us, now. I think he is happy to have a home, too.
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I'll let the Pixie Bob folks comment but I could believe it. But as to he couldn't be that rare because...oh yes he could.

Back when Curls were even rarer, they were ending up in shelters, and I have a Japanese Bobtail rescue who was found running free, had a Snow Marble Bengal try to break into my house last Summer after I fed him for 3 days(I did find his owners eventually and he really was a snow marble bengal).

Nothing would surprise me!
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I'm not sure about his breed or anything...but he sure is handsome!
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His markings and hock-length tail do like very much like a Pixie-Bob. We currently have two, a male and a female (both fixed). While it is true that some of the breed does have polydactyl feet they don't all have them. Our male does have the extra toes on both front and back feet and the same hock-length tail that your kitten has, while the female doesn't have the extra toes but does have a much shorter tail........more like a stub to be honest. In our experience with this breed they aren't very vocal and when they are it is more like a chirp or a trill-like sound than an actual meow. The male just turned two years old and the female will be two in November. They both show in my siggy.....Kiyoshi and Shaylee. They are not the most active cats in the house.......but with that being said.......they are BUG ASSASSINS, if one gets in the house it doesn't last long........they catch it and kill it. They won't eat it.....just can't stand something buzzing around.......I guess. Whether yours is a Pixie-Bob or not doesn't really matter.......HE is an absolutely gorgeous cat.

Winter Hawk
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Thanks for the feedback.

Pat & Alix, you are right of course, people just dump animals regardless of pedigree, etc. (you'd think that if the sheer cruelty of dumping any animal would not make them behave better, sheer greed might...but, no. ) Makes me sick.

I do think he's just the bee's knees, regardless of how he happened to become such a purrfect kitty.
Winter Hawk, he does do that chirp thing. He does it when he's lonely, looking for another kitty or person to scratch his ears. Sounds like "Prrrt", rising note, like he's trying to imitate a bird. So cute.
I have seen your babies in your siggy and posts. They are wonderful!
Thanks again
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Very handsome guy!
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He is certainly a pretty kitty. No reason he couldn't be a purebred, but I don't know one from the other. It is amazing what you might find running around loose. There is a huge Scottish Fold running around loose in a trailer park nearby, and someone found a show quality Siamese in the same park. They took her to a breeder that also rescues, and she said the poor woman nearly fainted to find out that this cat had been on his own for several months, eating out of trashcans.
I am considering trapping the Fold, and if he is not claimed, trying to find him a home, or if he has gone feral, relocating him to my yard after being neutered. I don't think he is anyone's pet, and that is the same place I rescued Scooter from. They will kill cats there.
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