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Worried.. my cat is acting really strange.. help?

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Hello everyone I am just hoping to get some advice. My cat of over a year who is like attached at the hip for the most part...

she is acting very strange lately.... she is meowing constantly in one of those whining meows... and every time i go into the hallway or wherever she is to see why she is acting this way... she just stares at me kinda funny.. when i go over to pet her she puts her face to my hand like she wants me to pet her and she embraces it... but her tail is all fluffy like she gets when she is angry. when i call her she comes sprinting into the room.

im wondering what her problem is? she has been neutered already... so shes not in heat... but we do have a baby kitten in the house (usually kept in a separate room) who is a boy and he is not yet neutered. when i let them see eachother he usually plays with her and she smacks at him. but for the most part they get along.

what could be the problem here?? any help is always appreciated.

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Jenna, I don't think there is cause for worry here. It sounds to me like your girl is just looking for reassurance that she is still your "top girl", especially with the introduction of a new baby.

Our girl, when she feels like it, will follow you around and cry & cry...she'll even swat at you when you pass her if you don't pay "enough" attention to her.

Try devoting 15-20mins. daily, where it's just you and her, when you can just love her up. Get on the floor with her, talk to her, and of course pet her lovingly while you do so.

From your description, I'm sure that's all there is to it. She just wants reassurance.

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I don't pretend to be an expert on cat behavior but I think your cat is acting this way because she is insecure about the new kitten in the house. She is used to being the only cat and now she wonders if some of your affection for her will be transferred to the new arrival. Be sure that she gets lots of your love and attention when the new boy is in his bedroom. Continue with the slow intoduction of the two cats so that they can become aquainted gradually. Good luck.
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You also may consider taking her in and have a check-up. Cats don't show pain well but can become reactive. The first time my Petunia growled at me, she was 14 years old and it turned out that she was passing kidney stones from both kidneys.
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thanks to all of you that helped. i might decide to take her to the vet just incase because it almost does sound like she is in pain. i get so scared for my babies!
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