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auto loan!

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We got approved for an auto loan today! I dont know how many of you have seen the NO Interest/NO Payment for 1 WHOLE Year thur Mitsubishi or not? Anways, I called & got approved over the phone for the Eclipse!

Also, i have an interview tomorrow at a temp agency who thinks I'm qualified for one of their client's openings for a receptionist w/ admin. duties. It's paying $10.00 which I guess will be ok for now ..... She said it is a temp-to hire position, and after that you usually get a raise. The client is also only about 15-20 minutes away from my house, which would be perfect!!! Plus, we are going to be refinancing our 1st & 2nd mortgage. The new payment will save us close to $200 a month!
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Great news! Isn't it amazing how things can turn around all at once? I'm so happy for you.
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That sounds awesome!!!! I am so happy for you!! I love those Eclipse's!!! They are such beautiful cars!!! My neice has one, and I just really like the looks of them!
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What color does she have? I'd get black, but our IS300 is a pearl-grey...... And, I'm not sure if I want another color like that. I like the blue, but I'd have to see it at the dealership. We go at 4:00pm tomorrow!
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Hers is bright red!!!
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That is great news Tigger! Good luck with the job and have fun with the new car!
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Tigger, I'm really happy you have an opportunity for the kind of job you want. About the car loan--they will get that interest one way or another. I'm sure you know that, but maybe it will be easier for you to start paying next year. My son buys his furniture on that kind of a deal, but he puts the amount of a normal payment in his savings account and then pays the furniture off at the end of the year. If you are permitted to pay on the principle without a penalty, it would be a great idea to put a year's saved payments on the car, and you will have collected interest! You know how it is with the earliest payments on anything; it's almost all interest.
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Jeanie, I'm not sure if this is correct or not...but someone told me that on those furniture deals where they tell you that you have one year no payments or interest, that if at the end of that year, you don't pay the whole thing off, they will add the first years interest onto the whole thing. Most people don't pay it off after the year, they just start making payments, and don't even realize that the interest from the first year has been tacked onto the principle. It is still a good thing, though, if you need the furniture right away, and can't afford the payments at the time.
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True. It's the same thing with damned Best Buy..... It's the interest that kills.

I asked the guy about paying payments if we wanted too, and he said we can and it will all go towards principal. Your ideas sounds like a good one, too.
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Let us know what color you pick!!
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I'm no expert at financial matters, but when I worked at the piano store, we had many choices of financial institutions to which we could send credit aps for our customers. We always recommended those with the best rate of interest and choices of payments, like 90 days same as cash. I never recommended deferred payments (no one ever asked about it, or I would have informed them of the advantages and disadvantages) because of the high rate of interest. We had no axe to grind, just the best financial institution for the customer's interest.
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We, well I, got the Dove White color -- it's almost like an off-white w/ a pearl color to it It has a spoiler, too ..... black interior (no leather, which is fine) & no sunroof (which was fine, too, sine the other car has all of it). It has power doors & locks ......
Very nice car! I'm pleased with it!
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It sounds beautiful!! Maybe you could post a picture of it for us to see? I'm glad you are so happy!!
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an auto loan?! Wasn't it you who posted recently about being so far stuck in debt?

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But that's up to her Bill See your point though.
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Oh, I agree, Bunn. I'm not throwing stones or trying to rain on the Eclipse...just an observation...

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We are, but not. Sometimes, I overreact & let money issuse bug me But, we are refinancing our 1st mortgage & home equity next week -- soooooooo, we will be saving around $200 extra a month.
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