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Thank you. My beautiful boy, Brittanicus (a lovely silver Maine Coon), just had to have his right foreleg amputated. It is good to hear once again that cats don't have the same psychological attachment to their limbs. Long duration pain can have a far greater impact on personality, even for humans.

I was left with a 50% chance of amputation or a second surgery after possible repair. It simply wasn't a choice when compared to a 95% success rate for amputation. I took comfort in this site and others. I saw him in recovery today and he rolled over onto his shoulder, purring. He will be back home tomorrow. He was even sitting up to get noogie.

Knowledge is power and sites like this one (and the three legged cat site) helped me make the best choice for our family. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

All the best to you and all of your critters,

Laura (and Brit Brit)
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It sounds like you have a lot to share.
When you can....post some photos of your sweet tri-pod kitty in the Pictures Forum.

Would you also post a link to the Three Legged Kitty site?

Welcome to TCS Laura & Brit Brit.
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I'm sorry you had to have your baby's leg amputated, too - but I assure you he'll have a happy life and will adjust. Trixie is a very happy kitty and has never had any problems.
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Just an update: He got his stitches out today so he doesnt have to wear that collar anymore. Hes doing great.
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That's great to hear Keep us posted on his recovery!!
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Laura, I am glad that your cat is fine after his amputation, and I too would like to see a link to the three legged cat site, would have been good when I couldn't find pics before Pebbles had her op - sad how there have been so many since.
enchancea - glad to hear he is doing well.
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Glad that the stitches are out.
No more collar.
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I'm so glad he is doing well, and he is just an absolutely adorable kitty!! He just melted my heart in those pictures. Can't wait to hear more about him, and to see new pics!
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A couple yrs ago when I had Tommie he was shot and my vet amputated back leg-he only lived for another couple months due to an illness not related to amputation but he moved around quite well-in fact he jumped out of enclosure about 5 minutes after I brought him home-and it was 4 ft high!! Cats adapt quite well to 3 legs-and being so young you will be surprised.
I hope his recovery continues to go well.
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