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They had to amputate.......

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Ok so late last night my cat Jager got out about an hour later my sister found him on her front porch and when she put him down in the house I noticed he was limping and then I seen blood everywhere. It seems as if he was bitten by something. Three of his toes were missing, all the pads on his feet, there was a hole the size of a nickel on the back of his foot with the bone sticking out and other puncture wounds on the top. I called the vet and took him down. She said that it definitely needed surgery and they werent sure if they could save the paw. Well she called this morning and said that it had started to turn green the whole paw was ice cold and it would probably be best to amputate so I agreed cause I just wanted the best for my baby. They called me this afternoon and said that he was doing great and he was awake and I can come pick him up tomorrow. So my question is what can I do to help him through this recovery process? He's only 6 months old and along with the surgery he got neutered.
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Sorry to hear about your baby.

There have been several members who have had to face the same decision. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98861


You may want to do a search on amputation to find more.
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Your poor baby....
Jager is so lucky that you took him in for treatment right away.
Most kitties heal well and thrive after amputations.

Use the search tool in this Health Forum using the word "amputation"...
you should get a lot of threads that have been posted by members whose kitties have been through this.

Jager will be in my thoughts & prayers as he recovers.
Please keep us updated.
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My prayers and thoughts go out to Jager...

Growing up one of our cats had to have a front leg amputated. She lived to be 20+ years old. She played and jumped and acted like a normal cat.
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Many prayers for Jager and a speedy recovery. Please keep him indoors to prevent further injuries.

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Very sorry to hear about your dear Jager. From what I've read, cats being the wonderful creatures they are, they are usually undaunted by an ampuutation of a leg. With good care and lots of love they go on to show their families love and resilience that we humans find amazing.

It's so good you acted fast and got your little guy the quick attention he needed.

We will all look forward to many wonderful pics of your furbaby.
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Thank you everyone, I searched the boards and found alot of info. I get to get him and bring him home at noon so Im trying to be patient here but its not working lol
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It's after noon.... how is Jager doing!?

Sending healing vibes his (and your) way!

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Keep him as quiet as you can. Cats and dogs survive amputation a lot better then people do. You'll be surprised at his quick recovery and adaptation
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Originally Posted by loraandjeff View Post
Many prayers for Jager and a speedy recovery. Please keep him indoors to prevent further injuries.

I agree.

Poor baby.. sending some love his way..
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Oh he is never getting out again lol And Im staying at my moms currently cause she is in the hospital so hes sleeping in the bedroom with my sister right now. He goes back in 2 days to get the drainage thing removed. He ate so much when he came home. He's been eating and drinking and walking around. We have stop him from jumping tho cause he keeps trying to jump up on furniture. They said that he was doing great there and he doesnt even realize that he is missing a leg. They gave me a bag of yesterdays news to use instead of cat litter.
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That is wonderful news. Cats don't have that issue of ego and worries so this really doesn't bother them.
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Aww, I am sure he will be fine. My 11 year old had to have her leg amputated nearly 16 weeks ago, and she is doing fine - didn't have a drain in though, nor did I have to change the litter. Would love to see a pic of him.
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It's good that he's young, I'm sure he'll bounce back very easily. We have a "tripod" (Trixie) and she runs as fast, if not faster, than our four-leggers.

Give him kitty kisses for me. I hope he does well recovering.
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I am so glad that Jager is doing so well.
You my want to confine him to a smaller area for a couple of days if he becomes to active.

If you can add a photo of your boy here....that would be great.

Aren't cats amazing?
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Here are a few pics, they arent that great tho. All I have right now is a webcam and a camera phone. The camera phone pic seems to have turned out the best so Ill take more with that tomorrow. But I took these when he was sleeping on the couch with me.

He had trouble using the litterbox tonight. He went to dig like he normally would and fell over. Right now hes confined to the living room but when we are sleeping he will be in a cage. And I only got different litter cause he also got neutered and they said this would keep it cleaner while it heals.
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Oh my goodness...
Just look at sweet Jager in his e-collar.
He is such a precious, brave boy.
I think that it takes a while for kitties to figure how to navigate with 3 legs but he will learn.
Is he getting pain medication?
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yep, i have to give it to him once a day. I got enough to last until he goes back wednesday. Hes got antibiotics too.
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Jager has a good chance to live a long, happy life thanks to your tender loving care.
Be sure to keep us updated...
We love our tripod kitties.
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Aw, Jager, you little love! What a strong, brave little boy! This has been an incredibly traumatic couple of days. Jager is so fortunate to have a family who loves him so much. His kennel for sleeping will be well lined with nice fluffy blankets, I'm sure. Kitties adapt so incredibly well, as you've heard from other members who have recently experienced this. Soon, it will seem as if that leg was never even there, and that all the other kitties should have three legs!
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Jager has a good chance to live a long, happy life thanks to your tender loving care.
Be sure to keep us updated...
We love our tripod kitties.
Oh, I couldn't have said it better myself. You are a great owner to act so fast and so clear-headed. It's because of you that he has a chance now....and a Tabby boy. My heart!
Sending huge prayers and healthy, STRONG vibes your way.
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Thank you everyone. He was having alot of trouble going to the bathroom. He tried and tried for hours and at first I thought he just didnt like the new litter cause he kept trying to go in small dark places so I moved it in the kitchen in a dark corner and he went out and finally went but he let out a cry when he did.
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Was his poop dry & hard?
Jager may be constipated from his pain meds along with the stress from his surgery.
I would call my vet and ask if there is something you can give him to help.
Other members may have some good ideas for you.
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Yes it was but when I got up this morning and checked the times he went during the night are runny.
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Oh poor Jager....
I hope that everything settles down soon.
Thanks for keeping us updated about how your brave boy is doing.
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Here are some more pics:

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Your Jager is such a sweet looking boy. I know he'll be glad when he can go without that collar.
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Awww he is so beautiful! Please give him kisses from my boys and I. We all pray for a speedy recovery for your sweet little man. Cats are such amazing animals!
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Thank you everyone
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Jager's wound is looking really good.
How are his loose poops?
He has a vet apt. today, right?
Let us know how it goes.

Jager has the sweetest face.

How is your Mother feeling.
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