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Third eyelid?

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I'm seeing a TINY bit of Sunshine's third eyelid. I thought I read somewhere that it sometimes means signs of infection. Sometimes, every once in a while, Sunshine's third eyelid will completley cover her eye, and then go back to normal. Is this a matter for the vet or what?
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The third eyelid often shows when a cat is relaxed and comfortable, sort-of-asleep. Zissou's often shows when she is being pet in the way she likes the best on her scruff.

If the third eyelid is consistently showing, and covers alot of the eye, then yes, that would be a sign of a health problem and warrant a trip to the vet.

I think you're just being a hypochondriac kitty parent, like we all are sometimes! Nothing to worry about, if, like I suspect, it happens when she's half-asleep or relaxed.
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My Antigone's shows almost all the time, it doesn't seem to bother her at all, I think it's just a "defect" It makes her look cross-eyed sometimes
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LOL ok then I won't take it as a "worry, take to vet" sign.
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Third eyelid?? What exactly is that?
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