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Repeat Dinner

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And I'm not even talking about left overs! Okay, I know I'm supposed to make something new for dinner each night, but sometimes I can't help it. It's just not cost effective! So, it's going to be a repeat performance tonight because it's barely $4 more to make 2 pizzas than to make 1, and it's 2 days worth of food....so, too bad, so sad, everyone will have to deal with delicious pizza again. Here's a pic of the before....I'll add an after later and let you guys know what the reaction was (though with my boyfriend's friends, all 20 something guys, coming over for a fighting pay per view, I'm thinking any food will be welcome LOL).

Would your family complain if they were served the same thing twice in a row?
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Hey, if they complain they can cook next time! That's my philosophy!

Actually I live alone so when I cook there are always leftovers. Often I just freeze them.. makes it easier to rotate foods.
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I rarely make the same thing twice in a row but often have leftovers that I use to cook something else or cook the same thing twice in a week.

I'm with Marie on this one, if they complain, they know where the kitchen is!
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Hey, I only know how to make ONE thing (which ironcially is vegetable pizza), so I'm not going to say anything!

Actually, my mom is so set on teaching me to be this great chef before I move. I figure, I'm still going to be a student, in a strange city, living in student housing...I'm allowed to eat pizza if that's all I can make! I'm lucky to be living at home right now, really, being in college and all. There are kids in some of my classes living off of Tim Horton's. It could be worse!
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Oh my goodness, we live on leftovers!! I always make way too much so I do't have to cook every night!

That pizza looks awesome!!
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With only the two of us we always have leftovers. Then Neil has something to take for lunch as he would rather have somethin ghot than a sandwich. I got the new Kraft foods magazine and mde one recipe yesterday and another today-but I usually modify with what I have on hand instead of the Kraft brand ingredients.
Lots of times we fire up the grill and cook a bunch of hotdogs, hamburgers and brats and live on them for the week!!
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Okay, I have no after picture because when I went to hunt for the camera again, the boys sliced up the pizza and by the time I got back (total time, maybe 3 mintues) it was mostly gone. So, I guess they didn't mind!
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