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Kitten shots--

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I have heard several members here mention false positives for the Leukemia (sp) test.
At what age do you NORMALLY get the correct result?
If you get a false+, how long do you need to wait before you re-test?
I have never heard of a false+........so I don't know much about it
My Vet said that if Lilly tests +, she will have to be PTS.I don't want to do that if there is a chance that it will be false+.
Any info--advice is VERY much appreciated!!!
Also, she got her shot/s on Friday from the shelter, she has been acting tired and not much energy.Is this normal as my Vet says it is?
She recieved the live Chlamydia shot if that helps any?
She has an apt. tomm. at 2 with my Vet.But, I want to be as informed as possible BEFORE I go in.
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is lilly sick? why does this vet want to automatically put her down if shes feluke pos? I had a cat growing up that was diagnosed with feluke before she was a year old-- she died a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 15 (she was a strictly outdoor cat as well with no vaccinations but was spayed.)

Any vet who says to put them to sleep is crazy unless the cat is in pain or suffering.


Other than that, I dont know much about the vaccine as i dont give my kitties shots at all.

Good luck!

caregiver to Beavis and Peanut Butter Toast
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I don't think she is.My MIL got her as a gift for me from the shelter on Friday.To keep with their guidlines, she HAS to be seen within 10 days after adoption.I just asked for the first one available as I have the 2 other cats.So, this is a general check-up with MY choice to do the Feline Leukemia test at my expense.
The Vet assistant said "not to be rude,but if she tests +..she is dumed and will have to be put down".
I have heard of false+ and that is why I asked about it.
I guess I will have to ask tomm. when she is seen though.
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First off i would tell the vet to stuff it if they insist she be put down for being + but thats just me. As for the false positives, my vet said that around 6 months is when they see alot less of the false tests, either way, they have actually seen a rise in false negatives. I think it just all depends on the test itself. But the vet said the reason for alot of false positives before 6 months is that if mommy was + the babies will carry the antibody in them and test + but may actually not be +.
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Turns out I worried for NOTHING!!! She tested -
She checked out good........ may have a slight URI which I got antibiotics for.
Her spay apt is Sept. 27th
It was the Vet assistant that told me that.I asked the Vet today.She said that she recommends retesting BEFORE there is a decision made as to PTS or not.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
The Vet assistant said "not to be rude,but if she tests +..she is dumed and will have to be put down".
First of all, I am so glad to hear that the test came back negative!!

Second, I just wanted to vent about this comment made by the assistant. I am amazed that he/she said that to you! She is obviously not educated enough to be talking to and educating clients about this virus. Also, she isn't even the one to make that kind of call! I am an RVT and I wouldn't even say that type of thing to a client.

Sorry, I had to vent a little.
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