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impacted bowels

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Hopefully someone can help.

8 year old feline sarted experiencing impacted bowels in January of this year.

Made visit to vet for help. He was given a ivory soap and warm water enema and changed over to high fiber diet with pumpkin added. Also recommended increase felaxin.

All went well til 2 weeks ago. Impaction reoccured. Visited vet again, but saw different vet in group. She felt high fiber not helping, said bowels were hard and dry. Changed him to canned food with runa, pumpkin and mineral oil.

Had to take cat to ver again today with same problem. Applied another enema, which each time he has been sedated also.

Same vet this time felt his colon and said very floppy with no muscle. Feels the colon is the problem and doesn't give me much hope for any change. If anything she feels it will worsen and my cat will have to be euthanized.

Please respond with any advice or info you can offer.

Thank you,
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Did the vet use the term megacolon? Did you get any x-rays? I wonder if surgery could remove the section of bowel that is not functioning properly. Humans get partial colectomies every day and do fine. If you are financially able, I would ask for more tests and surgical options. I hope you hear good news. Keep us informed.
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My soon to be 7 year old has the same problem. In November I took her to an animal ER, an hour trip on a Sunday afternoon. She (TwoPaws) was X-rayed and found to be extrememly full of feces. They sedated her and cleaned her out.

Last week, rather March 28 TwoPaws kept me up 4am on with crying. Early in the morning I called her Vet and took her immediately to him. He kept her for 5 days. He did not want to sedate her, due to her age (7 too old?) and clean her out. TwoPaws stayed and was given enema's, IV liquids for dehydration and laxatives.

I brought her home Monday morning only to take her back Friday morning with the same problem. He gave me his home phone number, I REALLY like this Vet, for the weekend. He told me to double up on the laxative.

By the way, the ER, back in November told me to be sure and give TwoPaws a highfiber diet. She has had Science Diet food since she was 3 months old. She's had the high fiber diet for the past 3 years. My Vet said no more fiber, it is causing way too much bowel, she is now on a highly digestable food-- "Hill's Prescription Diet/Feline c/d-s".

It has been 4 days since TwoPaws has had a bowel movement. She is "acting okay", meaning not crying. Play's a little- though has gotten more lazy in the past day. She still has food in her bowl from Friday morning. Eats very little. I am going to be taking her to the Vet tomorrow.

He tells me this problem can become chronic. He thinks her intestines have been stretched from the hard impacted bowels and the muscles weakened. 8-( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my "babies" (I have two, a 7 and 8 year old). The 8 year old is so healthy. They've been fed the same diet all their lives. I wonder what causes this problem in cats?

As I was saying I LOVE my babies, but this problem has cost me lots of money since November. I don't want money to be an issue as to how I deal with this. I will NOT take TwoPaws to the Humane Society, yet- I do not know what to do. I have had behavior issues with TwoPaws (see thread in the Behavior Forum-

Again, she is my "Babygirl" and I love her and will do what I can for her. The 5 days she was at the Vet's was a day of peace at home. The other animals (2 cats, a Pug, 2 birds) were so relaxed. Misty, my older cat starting to come downstairs- to my room with me. She use to sleep with me, not now. I say this just to say that I did not realize how disruptive TwoPaws has been. I talked with the Vet about this and he said that we must deal with one problem at a time. He says if we can't solve this medical problem than that will take care of the behavior problem. 8-( He is really compassionate, but straight forward! I hate the thought of this! I am wondering if this problem with her bowels has been contributing to the behavior issues?

Sorry to be so long with this post. I will close now. Cattee I KNOW how you feel. The thought of not being able to do anything is awful!! Please keep me posted with any ideas that you come up with. I will do the same. TwoPaws has had X-rays each time she goes, continues to show that she has impacted bowels/intestines. How is it going with you and your 8 year old?
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Thanks so much for your response Judy. Nice to know someone who can trade info with.
My cat that is having the problems with impacted bowels name is Kenya. By the way I have a total of 8 cats, yes I'm beginning to think I'm nuts, lol.
No, I love each and every one of my cats, each is different.
He seemed to do okay this weekend. Doctor has him on constulose, 1 ml, liquid, 2x's a day, a laxative and reglan 5 mg tab/ 1/2 tab 2 x a day, for nausea.
When I registed at this site I was also looking at a site named which also had a lot of info, look it up as soon as you can. Some good suggestions there. One that I tried today, and worked was to put the cat somewhere it can be left alone by everyone, and have a litter box available. I left Kenya in there for about 1/2 hour and he pooped, alleluiah. So, I think I will continue to try that everyday when I get home from work.
Also, the administrator of the site sent me some interesting info about some products. One being Azmira NatuFiber, which helps clean the intestines. And means helps with more regular bowel movements. Also recommended a natural digestive supplement called Prozyme, which helps him digest his food easier, and digest more food, which means less poop buildup. Also recommended a more natural food. Currently I am feeding him Hills cd/s and hairball senior, for when he is surfing the food and 9 Lives can mixed with pumpkin equally, plus about 1 tsp of mineral oil, 2x a day, morning and evening. Also a couple licks of Felaxin, which is for hairballs, which he has alot. He is solid white and constantly cleans himself, and he sheds more than any of my cats.
He also told me about the natural foods which are called Azmira and Solid Gold, which have natural fiber sources such as fruits and veggies, much better than beet pulp and peanut hulls, which he said is in even the better foods, such as Hills. He indicated all of the stuff he was recommending is on their site.
By the way, I know what you mean about the money issue. Already have spent almost $200 on vet care for this illness. But if these suggestions help, I would rather spend the money for better products instead of emergency runs to the vet.
So, I'll let you know what products I end up trying and if they help.
Thanks bunches for your info, hope mine will help you and your kitty too.

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TwoPaws won't eat anything except dry food. My Vet wanted to try some wet food, tuna or ANYTHING to get her eating more. She has not used the litterbox, except to urinate a small amount 2 times since Thursday.

Cattee, I do have TwoPaws in a room (my bedroom) alone with a litterbox. I am glad that worked for you and Kenya! 8-) However, no go for TwoPaws. 8-(

My Vet told me today that he is running out of ideas. Since November I have spent over $575.00, not counting food on this problem. I am not really complaining, TwoPaws IS worth it to me. It is just that I really don't have the finances to continue this much longer.

I've also tried putting oil on her food, then she won't eat it. She is SOoooooooooo stubborn! 8-) And cute and sweet. She is acting okay, like she is not suffering at the moment, though X-rays show that she has some stool in her, last X-ray was on Thursday-- not gone to the litterbox since. I am wondering if she is hiding her pain, knowing that the routine has been whenever she cries or acts sick I take her to the Vet! 8-) Is that possible?

I have been told that if we can't fix this..............I may have to say "good-bye".

Well, I need to leave for work. I am hoping I will find a "present" for TwoPaws when I return tomorrow morning. Have a good day.
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2paws; Have you tried Petromalt; it is a creamy/fishy oil that comes in a tube like toothpaste. It is originally for the aid of hairballs, but my cats love it and lick it off my finger. It will aid in the passing of blocked stool. Also, I have had cats that loved to lick butter or margarine and that would get oil into 2paws system. If she won't lick it from your finger, try smearing it on or around her mouth and she will lick it off to groom herself. Anything is better than the alternative of the cat's suffering. You would be surprised what gettng just a small amount of oil into their system can accomplish. Let us know how it goes. Darlene
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Hi 2paws mom,
Just read your message about her not using litterbox since Thursday and not eating much.
My vet gave me a rx named
Reglan 5 mg tablet. She prescribed it for his nausea, which once relieved, he has more of an appetite. He takes 1/2 tab 2 x's a day. When constipated they develop nausea.
Also, ask vet about Felovite II, it is a vitamin mineral supplement with tuna flavor and enhances their appetite.
By the way, my vet also recommended smaller meals, more often so has chance to process thru bowels in smaller amounts.
Kenya would rather eat dry food also. Right now, I am giving him Hills hairball for seniors for his dry.
Also, when I mix his can with pumpkin and mineral oil, I zap it in the microwave for 12-15 seconds to warm it up. Recommended by my daughter, which use to be a vet tech. She said they like to smell their food, which heating it helps. Seems like Kenya likes it more when I do that.
I hope little 2paws does better. Keep me up-to-date, please.
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My TwoPaws is gone. I don't recall the exact date- about 4 weeks ago. I had taken TwoPaws to the Vet three times in two weeks. The last day I had the feeling I would not be bringing her home.

I was right. I went back to get her- she stayed for X-rays. I could see without the Vet telling me that she was well impacted for the 4th time in only a few weeks. My Vet tried everything he could think of, I tried herbs, oil, etc.. Nothing was working. TwoPaws was not doing well. I had to "let her go".

This was Sooooooooo hard for me. She was almost 7 and I loved her deeply. I continue to miss her greatly, I even forget that she is not here and go looking for her at times.

My other cat, Misty who was 8 on April 1st use to be friends with her. However, the last 2 months of TwoPaws life they did not get along. TwoPaws was aggressive toward Misty, not allowing her anywhere near my bedroom-- where they use to sleep together with me. So, I do not believe Misty misses her at all, she seems more relaxed, not having to be on the "look out" for surprise attacks.

Well, I just wanted to send this update to those who have tried helping me with this problem. I have never lost a pet that I cared about as much as I did TwoPaws. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss her and can still cry about her. Will this ever pass?

However, I would have found a way to live with the discord if TwoPaws was not so ill.
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Dearest 2Paws Mom; I ache for you. I will pray for you and for dear 2Paws. You will heal, but you will never forget. You should not forget; but, rather, let the memories comfort you.
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I am sooo sorry for your loss. I will be thinking about you.
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i was sorry to hear about your cat.  my cat is now going through the same thing and i am getting ready to say goodbye if it should proove fruitless. thank you for your insight.  my kitty is 12 and this is the first time he has had to be anesthesized so they can remove the impaction.  i am not going to let this go on if he gets sick again, i don't want him to suffer.  i am hopeful that he will be ok,but if not i will  not let him suffer.  i was lucky to have this mellow fellow for 12 years and i hope to have him for a few more.  jocelyn

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Jocelyn, I hope your furbaby will be ok after his impaction is removed, and they he doesn't get impacted again.  You've got the right attitute, though, in not wanting him to suffer if it keeps recurring.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that this is a once only thing.  Maybe a change in foods will work for your guy?  Not sure what he's eating now, but perhaps a change will help? 


BTW, this thread is VERY old, so you might not here from either of the main contributors.


vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.giffor your boy.

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Since my Toby has had impacted bowel twice, I did a lot of reading and learned that raw food diet is considered the best treatment, more than pumpkin etc. because the issue a lot of times is that the colon does not have proper "spasms" to push food along, and so bulking up can actually make it have to work harder. 


I ordered Stella and Chewy's freeze dried raw food. It does not need to be refrigerated, and comes looking like dry food in dice-sized kibbles that very easily flake away in your hand if you crush them a little bit. I ordered one salmon/chicken bag, and a chicken-only bag. You  can feed this food out of the bag in place of dry food, OR you can add water and "reconstitute" it i.e. make the actual wet raw food. 


Anyhow, the thing is that with this food, you can feed your cat a lot less food total, and because there is no grain and very little fiber in there, it is way less work for the colon and intestines to digest it. 


My boy cat loves it, and he eats it both dry like crunchies and wet. I think he likes just having it in place of his dry food especially. 


I also give my boy about a half-finger full of laxatone twice a day whenever he looks like he is constipated, i.e. barrel-belly- which is a lot less lately since he is eating more of the freeze-dried food. I just open his mouth and wipe the laxatone on his tongue. But my boy isn't diagnosed with megacolon, although he does have some form of IBD and intestinal lymphosarcoma where he appears to be chronically impacted/constipated. He is getting chemo too. 


I hope this information will help in some way. It is definitely worth it to buy at least one bag of stella and chewy's freeze dried. You may need to order it from your pet store but it is definitely worth the time and expense. 


Vibes to all the kitties suffering from impacted colon, I have seen it and had to have enimas for my boy too and know how bad it is :-( vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif

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