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How I woke up this morning...

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I decided to sleep in for the first time in several months this morning. Doing this is a huge feet, because I have to lock both boys out of the bed room, and ignore their cries for a few hours while I try to sleep.* DH came home around 7:30am, and fed them both, but somehow ignored the three notes that I had put up to keep the bedroom door shut. At 8:30 I hear a rumble, kind of like a pack of wild horses running in a field, I am awake enough to realize that I need to throw the pillow over my head NOW, or suffer the consequences. All eight paws ran right over my head. I peak out from under my pillow of protection to see Scratch swat at Bit, hear Bit yowl, and for all eight paws to trample me again. So much for sleeping in...

*They aren't hungry... they have a full bowl of dry food that they ignore every morning.
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Another day, another stampede...
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Cat attack!

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dont you just love them ???
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
dont you just love them ???
Oh I love them more than words can say. Wake up by cat attack is one of those things that only a meowmy can enjoy.
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Did DH get the job??

I throw my kitties out of the room at about 5/6am because they drive me nuts running everywhere, attacking everything and mewing at me.

When I open the door when I wake up, they;re both lying right outside and come running in purring at me. Makes me feel guilty but it;s the only way I sleep!! I couldn't do it with just Stumpy, but now her and Lily can hang out together, I don't feel so guilty
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Ooof! I know about stampeeds! When I was younger Glory used to chase Tinsel across the house. We had a long trailer then. They would run from one end to the other. My bed was at the end of the house. Now Tinsel was smart, she'd stop. But Glory was still young. She would run across my tummy and do a matrix move off the wall and they'd be off again. I got so when in my sleep I'd hear them comming, I'd automatically jerk my leggs up to my chest. Still do it on occasion!
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