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1 Year old female won't behave

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We have a one year old female who won't behave. We got her several months ago at the Spca. She is sweet and loving, but won't stay off the kitchen counter or table no matter what we do. My wife is getting frustrated and I'm tired of her complaining to me about it. Whenever the cat, Isis, jumps up there, there is always something she finds too interesting to ignore. Is this normal?

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It's Absolutely Normal. My Cats Do It All The Time Despite The Fact That They Know They Are Not Allowed Up There.
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Yes I agree. It is very hard to keep them off. If you catch her up there, hiss at her, loudly and sort of in her face. That is cat speak for stop doing that so it may work. You could also line the edge of your counter or table with aluminum foil. Many cats don't like walking on that so if it is the first thing she steps on when she jumps up there she may stop. You can also buy these sticky things, basically a huge sheet of tape and you put it on the edge of the counter with the sticky side up and cats really don't like being stuck to what they are walking on so that gets them to quit pretty fast. You wouldn't have to keep the foil or sticky tape there forever just for awhile until she learns.

If she doesnt't quit then I don't know, it is very hard to keep them off the counter when want to be up there. A lot of times it is just for attention if anything. Just wash the counter or table before eating is all you can really do then. That is what I do. I have 7 cats and they are always on the counter or table. I just wash it before I eat or prepare food. Just something that cats do really.
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Your cat is absolutely normal. She is curious about what is on the counter and what you are doing/preparing there. Like Jen I have seven cats and some of them insist on going on the counter or table. I tried the aluminum foil trick- no luck. They ignore it. Now I just clean frequently. It's not worth the agravation trying to stop them.
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I have used SSSCAT Automated Cat-Deterrent Kit with some success. It has a motion detector and then sprays some air when triggered. I also catch my husband alot because he forgets to turn them off when he goes to the kitchen.
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Your cat is certainly not "mis-behaving" -- just acting like a normal curious cat. I have been pretty lax about getting my kitten to stay off the counters but I imagine if you immediately put them down EVERYTIME the may find it not worth the effort. Now, when you are not home that is another story...
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We have 4 cats, and my husband has always said they go on the counter and tables. I argued that NOOOO not my babies (13yrs, 4 yrs, 2 yrs and 2 yrs). He said yes they do they just don't get caught doing it. I've caught three of them only 1 still goes on the counter still.
I have the sticky paws but that is for the corners of my walls and door frames to break one 2 yr old from using them as scratch posts. I personally don't think that will work especially if you use the table.
Try getting a water bottle and put it on stream, when you catch kitty on there spray her and make a loud noise. You may just have to be trained that she will do this, and the table should be washed before meals.
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