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Brody was a bad dog this weekend

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Friday night I went over to my Grandma's house to visit for a little bit. I brought Brody with me because she hadn't met him yet. My aunt lives there as well, along with my young cousin and a friend of his. They have several dogs who were put outside because they didn't seem to like little Brody being over there one bit. Anyway, Brody not being neutered (can't be yet for health reasons) apparently felt the need to mark. This guy hasn't had any accidents inside for at least 2-3 months now. He walked back to my grandma's room and peed on a suitcase she had in there. I was so embarrassed ! We cleaned it up, and my Grandma and Aunt were very understanding of it. They have several dogs of their own, so they are used to little accidents. A few minutes later my cousin came in and said Brody peed again, this time in the middle of her bed! I couldn't believe it. Again, they acted like it was no big deal... At this point, I kept Brody on his leash in the living room where I was sitting. I was talking with my Grandma and look over at Brody, who stoops down and poops right in the middle of the room! I decided it was time for us to go I got him home and of course he acted like the perfect little Angel he is for the rest of the evening.
This morning when we woke up it was pouring down rain. Brody doesn't like the rain and I have to actually carry him out into the yard to get him to go to the bathroom. He usually goes fairly quickly and then runs as fast as he can to the door. This morning he took his time, so I was standing under this tree getting drenched. He finally peed and took off for the door. I ran to the door as well, and up the steps. This isn't a good idea to do in flip flops, in the rain, next to a dog. I almost tripped over Brody so I had to move over on the step. As I did this, my shoe slid causing me to fall. I landed right down on my left knee. OUCH!

Needless to say, Brody is in the doghouse today!
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Oh know about Brody and his pee and poo at your Grandma's house !!! Poor Brody, he needed his smell there, too. I wonder what her dogs did when they came back in to find Brody had left them his smell

I hope your knee gets better soon, what a way to fall ..... I have a dog too that cannot stand rain and refuses to walk on wet grass ..... he will cry and pull as hard as he can in the opposite direction..... he will try to get you to hold him instead of walking. When its raining, he will go on his wee wee pad, just to avoid going outside. I hope your day and Brodys day gets better !!
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Oh, Tanya, how frustrating -- and OUCH!! Brody, you little dickens!
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Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bad Brody! Hope your knee is okay..sounds like the way my life typically goes
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Brody did the opposite of my Jello. He is well behaved in other people's homes (family or strangers) but when it rains, he refuses to go outside and does his business anywhere in the house. He even makes sure I am not around to see him. I think it's doggies' nerves.
I hope your knee is better Tanya.
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My knee is hurting in sympathy, Tanya!

Brody? Bad doggie!
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Ooooh, what fun, Tanya!

I hope Brody is being a good doggy now and your knee isn't too sore!
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Thanks guys

Brody has been good since I posted this... you guys must have sent him little messages telepathically telling him to straighten up

My knee is slight sore, but mostly because of the scrape. It has a nasty bruise forming, but that doesn't seem to be bothering me.
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Oh my Squirt.....just saw this and had to bite my tongue from laughing out loud and giving myself away here at work.............your poor thing!
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