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Hi everyone,
We recently got adopted by a third cat. A stray that made himself very clear he was coming to live with us after sitting in the rain in our back yard for a week.
We already have 2 cats (both strays) almost 2 years old. The new cat is 1 year old, hasn't been snipped yet (scheduled in 2 weeks). All cats are males. Our 2 existing cats have always had a wary truce. Our first cat, Clonks, doesn't like to play much and is fairly grumpy after a traumatic incident about a year ago with a dog that hospitalized him. We had a lot of trouble early on integrating and getting them to be ok together but they had settled down to where fighting and hissing from Clonks was less common.

The thing is, both Clonks and Tabs LOVED the new cat. Tabs (our more playful cat) had a new playmate that loved to run and play, giving Clonks some much needed peace, and even Clonks seemed to take to the new addition and indulge in some play.

Then last week everything suddenly seemed to change. With no warning, Tabs and the new kitten (we call him Brixton) got into a HUGE fight. Really loud I'd never heard such wailing from Tabs (who is a very quiet cat has never even hissed before).

Since that time we can't leave Brixton and Tabs together.

Not only that but it seems to have reawakened the aggression in Clonks. We have seperated the cats so Brixton is away from Tabs but that means Tabs and Clonks are kept together upstairs. Now 5 minutes doesn't go by without Clonks growling and getting very unhappy about Tab's presence, ultimately attacking him and having to be seperated. All we can do at this point is put Clonks in the bathroom to let him calm down.

We are getting very exhausted trying to juggle the behavior of these 3 cats especially at night when we are trying to sleep constantly having to get up and seperate them.

Please help any advice is appreciated on how to solve this quandary!