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Akron Ohio kills 169 cats since 6/26/02

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The city of Akron, Ohio implemented an emergency ordinance in which all unleashed cats will be captured and killed within 5 days. They are killing the cats by injecting poison directly into the heart!!!!

Below are a couple of quotes by concerned citizens:

"The official Death Count is in, of 239 cats and kittens impounded by Wardens since June 26th, 2002, 169 have already been killed. The cost to Akron Taxpayers for this senseless death is $28,022.75 to date. This figure is based on the Akron Dog Warden, John Hoffman's own estimate of the cost of trapping, impounding and killing each cat at $117.25. He requested an additional budget of $410,385.00 to fund the cat-killing program."

"The bottom line is killing cats, even in large numbers, is an ineffective means ofpopulation control. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the only method with successful statistics to back it up. TNR not only controls population growth but shows an eventual steady reduction in population due to natural attrition. TNR not only works but it is more cost-effective than trapping and killing cats. The average cost of TNR per cat is $35, while the average cost of trapping, boarding and euthanasia is $105/cat. I understand taxpayers in Akron are paying $117/cat!What a waste of taxpayer funds."

Please go to the Akron web page, then go to their Guest Book and let them know what you tinnk about this slaughter of innocent cats. BTW, you do not have to put your full name or e-mail address to write a comment to the city.

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They are taking the personal pleas for the saving of these cats as an attack from one person named Karen. They are insulting the very idea of anyone placing importance on cats and making light of the entire incident.

I don't think signing that guest book is a good idea. I believe stronger measures need to be used to get to those in charge. It is a very sad situation when they have been led to believe they are solving the problem that exists because of PEOPLE in the first place.
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You have a good point. There are a bunch of loons who have written in. Mixed in with the nuts are some good posts. Interesting that none of the pro-killing posts is backed up by any research, facts, or anything but meanness!

I hope the mayor freaks out when he returns from Spain to see what the commission has done with the city's money (hopefully he will also be mad at what they have done to the cats).
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Here is a short review of some aspects of the program:
1. There will be a pick up of cats in response to complaints of residents.
2. That resident will, for a $25 deposit, be given the use of a trap.
3. Animal control will attempt to locate the owner by license and other means, but no license is required by law.
4. The animal will be kept for two days.
5. The city will cooperate with the Humane Society to develp a low cost spaying program.

This article is worth reading. Not many people have inside cats only. It seems to me that any angry neighbor could report a neighbor's cat, using the "health risk" excuse.

An e-mail to the Akron paper, The Beacon Journal, may be helpful. It can be directed to Letters to the Editor. Here's the link:

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