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Ideas for articles

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I need some inspiration today... I need to write new articles for the article sections on the site. If you could please take a look at what we have so far and let me know what kind of new articles you would want to see here?

Here's what we already have -

Cat Care

Cat Behavior

Cat Breeds

Cat Snips

Cat Health
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not sure if you have this covered, but how about one dedicated to

Cat Shows & Exhibitions ........

obviously it would mean quite a bit of work but I suppose the internet is a great research tool (not sure how data protection etc would figure in this)
It would also be nice if any of our members who attended any of the shows could do a report on the show, with photos etc.............you could do a showcase spot, Show if the Month.............

Another link to this is Pets In Schools..........this was something we did at our school many, many years ago and it was called Pets Corner, the teacher sometimes invited someone in from the local rescue centre to do a talk, about pet care, how to handle pets, etc.......we also had a pet morning when you could bring your pet in - you had to do a talk about your pet..........anyway, this might be a nice way to include our younger members more, or get our members involved with schools, time permitting, sorry I´m rambling now, just some thoughts !

Well good luck
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