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Call Me Crazy

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The Mrs. Birthday comes up about mid October, I'm sitting here listening to the malaise going on in the kitchen right now as she struggles with the cats as they take over and attack the food and bags she brought home from shopping. "Stop!, Get outahere!, Hey.. Gimme that!" The cat comes running in with an english muffin it somehow managed to get out of the package.
I just bought another Serengeti that should show up at the airport on or around her birthday.
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Is that a warning to clear the area when it arrives?
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Alright, I'm calling you crazy...you really should see a professional for what are obviously suicidal tendencies

Oooh...she's gonna kill you!!!
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you are CRAZY! hahaha! congrats! can't wait to hear her reaction!
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Awww... I can't wait to see the pics of your new baby!
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Is it a surprise???
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We're having trouble with Chaka chasing Myah around the house. Myah can jump up on things Chaka can't so I guess she's safe. We we're talking about the problem and wondered if this was going on because she was the only Serengeti in the house with two Bengals. We talked a bit about evening up the score. Even went as far as looking at some Serengeti's online. The issue was dropped and Chaka still chases Myah today. I don't think that this is really a fix but who knows. I found a neat looking Serengeti.. pick of the litter, and she was still available! She's ours!
I was waiting to tell the Mrs. about the new cat then I put the two dates together and figured I had a great Birthday "Get out of jail free" card. Yep it's a secret now. And to make things even better I saw Angie talking to Myah this morning, "Do you wan't a sister to play with?" she's asking the cat as it's upsidedown for a bellyrub.
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