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Do you ever misplace something important & it drives you nuts? I lost a money order that I was going to deposit into my checking account! I know I didn't trash the envelope it was in, or atleast i hope not! If I did, I will be so pissed at myself.........
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Tig hon, welcome to my world! I can set something down and a minute later I can't find it. If it wasn't for my S/O I'd be looking for things all the time!
How's the job hunting going???
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no not me, not once, only a million times. It usually happens to me when I clean thing up and I forget where I cleaned them up to.
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I like putting things in a place that's safe, then I forget where I put them. Um, really safe then
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Is it possible, that you have a four-legged thief? Bill puts his elastic hair ties, in a "safe place" and they, mysteriously, wind up, all over the house.
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Very possible! Gizmo will knock papers or anything off where he is laying if he doesnt like it there -- I'll check under the stove!

No luck yet I've lowered my salary expectations from $12.00 - $14.00 to $10.00/hr .... I hope I can find something SOON. $10.00 is really taking a huge paycut, but atleast I'd have a paycheck. Oh, plus, we are re-financing so hopefully that will help in finding a lowering paying job.
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BuNN - I do the exact same thing. I put things in a real "safe place" where I won't lose them. Then when I need it, I end up tearing the house apart trying to find that "safe spot." :laughing2
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They're always there though I filled a water bottle up last week and found that I'd done it the day before and made a horrible mess on the carpet
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I'm thinking that it is in our bedroom so I'll look for it tonight -- Hopefully that is where it is at because I remember writing something down on an envelope!
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I hope you find it. It's a real pain to get one cancelled and another issued.
I am kinda glad to know I'm not the only one!
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I hope you find your money order.

You are definitely not alone. The worst for me was when I was packing to move back to PA from Michigan. I was marking boxes and keeping a list of what was in each. I think I spent more time looking for my marker, the list, the packing tape, and the knife I was using to cut the tape. . . It's amazing I got anything packed at all!

I have also been late to work because I could not find my car keys.
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Still havent found it ..... My guess is it will probably turn up sooner or later. I know I didn't throw it out .... I'm thinking it could have also fallen in between the stove & countertop, which you can barely see between.
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Funny story:
A long time ago my husband and I were moving. We had loaded up a van with nearly everything we owned and were getting ready to leave to turn in our apt. keys, which also had the keys to the van still on the same ring. Well we couldn't find the keys, and after much looking we decided that the keys must have fallen out inside the van while we were packing it ( mind you it took us hours to pack it up ). So, we start to unload looking for the stupid keys. I am looking at my husband after a while, and I suddenly just got this idea to stick my hands inside his jeans pocket, and low and behold the stupid keys were in his pocket the ENTIRE time. I wanted to strangle him, we wasted so much time.

We laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny when it happened.
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