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Teeth extraction

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My beloved cat is having her teeth removed tomorrow after a long illness with gingivitis. Does anyone know what food wil be best for her to eat after the operation. The fangs will be the only things left.

Many thanks
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She will want whatever foods you were giving her before the operation ... if you've been feeding her mostly dry biscuits, then you might want to try moist foods - human baby food would be a good try for the first few days. She may want her dry food anyway since most cats don't actually chew the little biscuits, they swallow them whole.

When Whitney (now sadly at the Bridge) had her full mouth extraction, she didn't want anything different from the foods she was eating before the operation ... and I about cringed every time she ate her dry biscuits, but she wanted them and Katie bar the door from her having them! *grin*
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My Twitch has no teeth, either. She eats her dry food, however, they cannot be funny shapes. No triangles, diamonds, kitty faces, fish, etc. She wants/needs round pellets. I also feed her wet food 2x a day.

I fed baby food & canned food after Twitch had her teeth done. You could also try pureeing(is that right?) some canned food if it has larger chunks & she really likes the food so she can have it. Her mouth will be sore for a few days, but Twitch was eating like normal after 2 days. If your kitty isn't eating much, try tuna juice(from people tuna) over canned food. Solid Gold's Blended Tuna was a big hit with Twitch.

If it isn't a problem, I would love to hear updates on how your kitty does after her surgery.
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We have a former feral that has no teeth - she will eat "some" dry (she is particular, it must be small and only certain varieties) - also, we have to chop up some of the wet food varieties (they have some LARGE chunks/hunks) She has really come along... the "pate" type style (depends on flavor and her mood) she mostly eats - occasionally/sometimes eats the fillets, etc. - it's hard to find tiny food in the aisles these days.
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