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Daily Thread: Sunday 10th Sept.

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Hi guys,

I have a lot of catching up to do on the forum as I have been away from it for a few days.

Sar, 9 years for a battery, crikey thats good going !

Its a nice day in Wrexham, a bit chilly early on but its warming up nicely. Jakes been sick, Jaz is asleep and Izzy is dribbling all over the carpet, so everythings as it should be

I have just bought an Xbox360 which is why i have not been around for a while, it has been taking far too much of my spare time up

Almost finished painting the stairs and landing, its taking me an awful long time. Decorating is not one of my favourite past-times
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Glad you see you back in the swing of things! No wonder you've been busy with your new xbox!

I know!! How good am I keeping such good care of my battery?! Even the mechanic was impressed - he had to use so much lube to get the bolts loose!

You still haven't finished your painting? I you keep going, it might be done before Christmas!

Beautiful day here in the Land of Manc, feels lovely and warm already!

Tibby, Molly and Annie are lazing around the kitchen and Willow's on my lap gazing lovingly into my eyes as I try to type!

Bit of a 'play it by ear' day today, but should be fun!

Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Good morning everyone!!

Today Jeff and I are going on an outting with my family...and it looks like it's going to be a good day for it!!, at least it isn't raining.

I hope everyone has a nice relaxing Sunday!
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Survived yesterday - Mom's high school reunion (small town so all the classes were in attendance. It was Mom's 60th.) Several men reminisced about the trips to the principal's office even mimicking one man's manner of speech. (Which I knew because the guy not only taught geometry to me, but to my Mom and my sis - who is 10 years older than me! ) Then we went out to eat at a fave Chinese buffet. Small, but good, and I had a 2 fer one coupon! By the time we got to the meeting at 6pm my back was giving out. I was wishing I had something stronger than the OTC we had.

Anyway, I've done the morning trip to the grocery, saw a friend of sister's. She said she was running late and due to meet sis at the church being rebuilt by the New York Firefighters. Turns out sis hadn't even left home. (Sis has the amazing ability to leave 15 minutes late and arrived 5 minutes early. ) Plan to take it easy the rest of the day.
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Chilly here this am. The temp has gotten up to 13 C - was 11 C a couple of hours ago! Back to work tomorrow - yuck! And then I head to Ottawa on Tuesday for a couple of days for meetings, so won't be around much this week after today. Such is life!
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Oh Sar you are sooo cheeky. Christmas isn't that far now anyway

Just washed out my paint brush, the upstairs landing and stairwell are done

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