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PEbbles update

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IT has been 15 and a half weeks since PEbbles had her leg amputated, and I thought it was time to post some pics. She had a wonderful afternoon in the sun yesterday. She sometimes struggles with the bed, so no chance of my new bed anytime soon!! And she has adapted to scratching the doormat (they are allowed to scratch it, my fault for buying it in a material that would be irresistible to them - but they are good at not scratching the carpet next to it!!), by lying to do it. She sometimes goes to do something, misjudges and ends up lying there as if to say 'I really wanted to do that, you know'. I dont often notice the lack of leg, and do sometimes feel sorry for her if I do, but she seems happy, although she has started biting again for no reason.

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Cats are truly amazing at adapting to new situations and can manage really well on 3 legs and she is in a very caring home so i every confidence all will be well.

She looks great in the photos.
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Gosh, 15 weeks! I hadn't realised that it had been that long already!

Pebbles really is a star and I know that she won't let any blips get her down! I love the way she is adapting so brilliantly and is able to have a good scratch of the mat now!

She's looking great! I love the picture of her sunbathing in your cat garden!
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She looks great! Love the tummy up picture!
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I know - it means it has been 15 weeks since Annie's spay, as her op was the day after PEbbles. She is a little star, and is a happy little girl.
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Looking at Annie's fur, Pebbles' must be all back to normal now too!
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She looks wunderful!!! And she is so beautiful. !! You can tell she is really enjoying herself. She likes the sun.....

And I like that tummy up picture also. She is very relaxed and appears glad to be outside. It is healthy for them to get fresh air and sunshine. She have done a good job tending to her Tigger. Her hair looks great and is all grown back..

I wish my little amputee enjoyed the outdoors like that... Tell Pebbles she has a friend in spirit.......

See ya,
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I was looking at her earlier (have left her outside again, she is happy sat in the shade!!), and her fur isn't fully grown back, but I suppose she had a very large area to grow back. IT looks good though. She is very glad to be outside, she couldn't cope if I stopped her - she likes to go out about 10ish, and I dont let her, so she attacks the doormat and sits sulking!!
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Awwww....brave Pebbles. I don't see how anything can slow her down!
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Aw, Pebbles, you beautiful little girl! I'd like to come sunbathe with you!
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She looks as if she is really enjoying life
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Pebbles looks great, and really appears to have adapted well!
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Ended up taking her to the vets with me and Martha tonight, as she went psycho on me when I tried to look at her nose the other night, and she hasn't done that since she was in pain with her leg. It didn't quite go as well as I had hoped, the vet was checking her leg out, and as he got to her knee, she snapped (fortunately she has only slightly bruised my skin, she hasn't broke it - I had cut my other hand earlier, so a good day for me!!), so the vet decided that it would be best to keep her over night and sedate her tomorrow to give her a full check over - i did half expect it though. So I have to ring about 4 tomorrow to find out what the vet thinks. Fingers crossed that she was just p'd off, and that there isnt anything wrong with that leg (or indeed any other part of her). He is quite happy with her nose, and is going to give her another jab tomorrow.
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