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Spayed cat in heat???

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I've got a weird situation and I'm starting to get a little worried. My cat was spayed over a year ago, and everything's been fine and "normal" since, but over the last couple of days she began acting a little antsy, and wanting out more often (and being fairly vocal about it). Normally she doesn't want to go out during the day, only at night. Today, though, things got weird. She began showing signs of being in heat. The yowling, of course, and also the little hind-leg dance routine (which for my cat is also sound-activated. Just say a few loud words, and her backside shoots up with each sound). This was already puzzling me to no end, but just a little while ago she got into a fight with another cat outside, and after I went out to check, and the other cat ran away, she started growling at me when I walked over to her. This is completely out of character for her.

Ok, so the obvious question is, what the heck could be going on with her? Is it possible she's really in heat, or at least feeling the same effects, even though she's been spayed, and hasn't felt or acted that way in ages? Could she be sick? She did get caught out in the rain for some time the other night, but I didn't see any signs of fever or anything (apart from her being really steamed at me for falling asleep and not letting her in --oops). I was never a cat person before now (she adopted me, I suppose you could say), so I don't have much experience to draw from. Oh, another factor that might be worth mentioning is the weather. I'm in the midwest, and it's finally starting to cool off, and we're getting some off-and-on rain and light storms, so the season is changing. I don't recall that affecting her before, though.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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there happens some tissues are left, so the spayed female cat still can behave like in heat. Not unusual.

And your cat goes on some sounds? This is perhaps the explanation here.

Other possibility is some tumour giving off hormones. But this is highly unusual...
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Definitely ask the vet. Growling at you (indoors, with her) is totally normal and cats do it (plus attack us and/or other pets at times) all the time. It's as if they can't distinguish between us and the interlopers right at the time they see them, so just lash out at who or whatever is handy!
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Ok, now I'm starting to really worry. She's begun drooling now. Just happened a few minutes ago. I was holding her, and suddenly my arm was all wet. I checked her mouth, but saw no buildup or signs of drool or foaming, which was a relief, but it was a pretty healthy dose of slobber. A few minutes later she was sitting up, and a little more dropped out onto my arm. She's still acting as if she's in heat, but it's fairly mild (as compared to what I remember her doing back before she'd had her surgery).

One other thing worth noting. I'm one of those unfortunates with hyper senses. Believe me, it's not as cool as it sounds. Imagine being able to hear, see, and smell *everything* around you for miles. Anyway, I can smell and taste it in the air when she's in heat (yeah, ick), and today I started to pick up that smell again. It was very faint, not like before her operation, and it wasn't strong enough for me to taste it in the air, but it was definitely that same smell.

She's also cleaning herself a lot in the genital area in recent days. She used to get infections a lot, whenever she'd go into heat, but I haven't worked up the nerve to check this time, since I'm rather fond of my own apendages.
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I would take her to the Vet and see what is going on with her.She may have a bladder infection,hence the licking of her bum area.
There is a member here that had her cat spayed ONLY to learn it was NOT done at all.She now has babies from it.
I REALLY think a Vet visit is needed here.
Good luck and I hope she's o.k.
As for the slobbers,Blaze will do that when you scratch her on her back near her bum.....it's like she is enjoying it so much she is drooling.Vet said nothing to worry about in HER case.
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