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Crazy Shedding!

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Hello All,

First time poster here...

My three year old American short hair sheds like crazy. Hair and undercoat all over the place. I feed him decent food, and use a good brush on him at least once a week to remove any loose fur, but he still sheds like there's no tomorrow.

Any ideas? Or perhaps inside tips on how to control his shedding?

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WHat are you feeding and for how long??

WHat is the linoleic acid or omega 6 of the food eaten??

Brush daily , add an oil supplement ( fish is popular)
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Has he been wormed lately?
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Some cats shed seasonaly. Also kittens are more likely to shed fur than adults although yours is way past kittenhood! My kitty mostly sheds her undercoat. Especially when im wearing black and shes on my lap, ı suddenly start wearing white (I can hear some of you groaning!!! )

Anyway, joke aside, its most likely your kitties diet thats causing all this unless shes had a crazy shed like this before at certain times in her life.Which points out its just seasonal and shes just getting rid of the dead fur replaced by new ones (which is caused by a good diet) Has she shed before? Often shedding doesnt always mean that something is wrong. If shes recieving a good diet it may well be that new healthy hair is growing out, replacing the old unhealthy ones. Its the same case with humans too. As long as her coat is looking very healthy and shiny I dont think you have anything to worry about except for the trails of fur you get around the house (ahhh those sofas... )
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Most shedding is nothing more then getting rid of dead hair although excessive shedding can sometimes be a sign of a poor diet. Even we lose hair daily. And sometimes we lose more then other times. Just think of how much hair you find in your hair brush and in the drain of your shower for that matter! using a brush or comb will help get some of the dead hair out. Ask your vet about it and what you should be feeding your kitty.
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I brushed Gizmo weekly with equivocal results. Then someone loaned me a Zoom Groom and I was staring in disbelief as it caked with three inches of fur after three swipes on the cat's back.

Brushes don't reach the deep, inner coat of the cat, particularly one with a thick and luxuriant coat such as Gizmo has. She's a shorthair but I joked that she has taken the Olympic Shedding Trophy from my late dog, Peaches.

Anyway, the Zoom Groom uses electrostatic charges to get the deep hairs out, and I can tell you that it works. If you use this on your shedding boy once or twice a week most of the problem should disappear. I've had a lot less hair in the bed and on the furniture since getting this useful tool for Gizmo.

There's another grooming tool sold in drugstores that is not as effective on the cat but is wizard at getting her fur out of the Kitty Palace carpet covering...it's that popular brand advertised on TV and its name escapes me.

But the Zoom Groom is definitely worth the price. It looks foolish and ineffectual but it WORKS.
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Thank you to all for your answers. I will change my cat's diet, and find a better brush.
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