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Dog=Willie's mother

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Our mutt, Bailey (who everyone is afraid of because he seems like the dog that would be eggressive-which if someone tried to hurt us he would) is a great mother.

When we first brought Willie home from the shelter, Bailey and him immediately had a bond! Then, when Willie had his cone, the dog IMMEDIATELY knew something was up and was so gently. They had always rufhoused together (Willie would bite Bailey's neck and Bailey would just let him. Sometimes we had to remind him to be a little more gentle, but nothing was extensive) Now, since Willie is so much better, they can do it to some degree. But to my point:

The other day, Willie was hanging out downstairs, and I went outside. I called into my sister to check on Willie. She couldn't find him. He always hides, so I didn't think it would be a big deal. I serached very breifly, but I remembered earlier that day I had see the doggydoor get stuck open when the dog went out. What if Willie got out? Probably not, right?!

Well, I said Bailey "Where's the baby? Where Willie William?!" and repeated it. He ran out side with the other dog, I followed them, and there was Willie laying down in the dirt!! THnak goodness for those doggies!!

And Willies neck and back were wet, which means Bailey treid to get him insid, knowing it was wrong for him to be outside!!

Thans so much Bailey!
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awww...that's a wonderful story. Willie has a canine guardian angel!!!!
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That is soo cute! Hurray for Bailey Willie, you are well protected!
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Good boy Bailey!
You know, Jello is a bit of a kitty guardian too. When he feels the kittens are getting into mischief, like running too near the pool or the exit gate, he barks. Jello is not much of a barker and being a shih'tzu he can't pick up a kitten or drag him as a large dog would, so all he can do is bark away.
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Thanks for reading guys! That funny how Jello (cute name by the way!) does things like that. It reminds me of our border terrior who scares the heck out of Willie!
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Rex, our cocker spaniel, was the night time baby sitter for 2 kittens we were bottle feeding. He would sleep beside their box and if they meowed, he would check on them. If Rex thought Mom was needed, he would go and wake her up. WHen the kittens were older, they used him as a giant pacifier.
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