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Has anyone seen the TNT show, Witchblade? It was new last season, and it is really good. It is from a comic book. A NYC police officer ends up with this bracelet that has powers. It can be only worn by a chosen woman from the bloodline and has been passed down for thousands of years. It's a sci-fi, fantasy kind of thing. I thought it would be lame, but I'm hooked. I know everyone is hooked on the reality shows, but is anything else catching your interest? The Shield and Farscape are really good shows, too.
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I love shows like that, but I don't think it is available in Canada. I love anything with a fantasy sci-fi bent! Has anyone been watching Smallville - I love it!
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Hmm to honest I'm not really into Farscape etc, but one sci-fi kinda show that I DO like, is the Outer Limits....
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There was one called The Others and that was brilliant, but for some reason I've not seen it on UK TV since

Yeah, Smallville is good, who'd would have thought Lex and Clark would be uneasy friends?
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We started watching Odyssey 5 on Showtime. Really interesting concept, but it is getting a little too sci-fi for me. :tounge2:

I just can't get into the whole creatures/aliens/monsters in our world without some really good thought behind it. Make me believe this could happen, don't just assume I will believe anything you put in front of me.
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