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clicker training cats?

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Fat Harriet is one of those "rare" kitties who will willingly take a treat from your hand and I'm thinking it may be awesome to do some clicker training with her. I'd like to teach the &^%$#@ cat to come because now she just looks at you, yells, then stares, then waits till you have lost interest and THEN comes over. She such a ... well, cat about the whole thing!

Anyway, the doggies are clicker trained and I'd love to have a crossover kitty that does stuff besides be fat! Maybe if I can get to offer behaviors it will be like a mini-workout for her!

Anyone done this? Links, tips, experiences?

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Rare? To take a treat from your hand? Not in my world... they're all such beggars it's awful, probably my fault, but I've never heard that it's rare for a cat to not take a treat. One or two may want you to put it on the floor instead, or will take it and then put it there, but that's all. And why not try the clickers? It may just not work as consistently as it might with a dog, but then people have trained cats in circuses, and they're responding to some kind of signals, even if only being 'treat-trained'.
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Here's the Friskies website for clicker training: http://www.friskies.com/living/tips_....aspx?detail=2
I got to see the Friskies cat team perform in San Diego and they were great I am too busy to try training my cats at this time, but years ago, I had a cat named JC the First and he would watch my daughters training their Border Collie to do tricks and suddenly the cat would perform the trick when the dog was given the command! He would "roll over", "sit up", "lay down"; he also travelled well in the car (had his own porta-potty - a small plastic shoe box) and would go on out-of-town visits.
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