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Weeping eye?

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My 13 yr. old cat Sylvester who is on medicine for hyperthyroidisim and doing very well. She has a weeping eye.
It started last week, first i noticed a wetness right at her tear duct in her left eye. It was clear at first....then the next day it was greenish, i was gonna call the vet bit it seem to have stopped, now it has returned, i just wipe off her eye and it was brown
She doesn't seem to have any symptoms of a cold at all, no sneezing she is eating, peeing pooping.......all the normal stuff.

Any thoughts?
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It seems to me, to be that her tear duct has an obstruction in it. I have successfully, won that war by cleaning the tear duct 2 times a day with clean, spring water.

My kitty, currently, has an almost clear, but like egg whites color substance dripping from his eneucleated eye. I am washing it with spring water, and it seems to go away. I think he has an obstruction in the tear duct also.

If your kitty's eye problem doesnt go away, you may need medication. Though I dont know if 'green, yellow, white, or whatever really means anything, I personally have found that clean filtered spring water really does the trick, and in most cases, even more than the 'medicated' stuff. I am not trying to dismiss the medicated ointments, but personally, I havent had much luck with them. It seems that the clean spring water is a must for their health anyway. Mine are much better even with drinking it, instead of tap water.

Kitties often have eye problems in their tear ducts. Maybe because they get into more things than other creatures...because of their curiosity! Good careful cleaning is a must!

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