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finally some pix!

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so i hope these pics come out alright
this is my mikey

this is me messing with him and him giving me a mean look


Salon De Meow


ohh and one of my faves

this is Stewie when we first got him(hes my lil orphan)



getting bigger...

my sleepy boy

well everyone enjoy! (thats if it works)
Hope you like my kids
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What beautiful kitties you have !!!! You know you can upload those to a free account on photobucket.com and then put the whole pic in here instead of the link
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OMG, What insanely adorable kitties!!! Mikey looks like such a big, soft fluffball!! And the "Salon De Meow" pic...LMAO, too cute!!
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Such cuties. I didn't realize Stewie was so tiny when you got him. He is so very cute now.
Mikey looks a lot like my Fluffy, especially the mean look. She is full of attitude because she is a daddy's girl. She will be so bad, then she will run to him, and he will cuddle her and ask her if I am being mean to her. Brat!
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thanks guys!
I'll try photo bucket, Im not good at computer stuff but I'll give it my best shot!
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Mikey is just gorgeous!! I love Stewie's markings!!
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