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She's driving us nutty!

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Our new kitten, Kahlan, is driving my husband and I nuts. She likes to lick our faces. Not a big deal right? It is when she does it at bedtime and in the middle of the night. When we go to bed, she gets up on the bed, and starts licking. If we cover our faces, she thinks its play time. We have gotten her settled and comfy and she goes to sleep. Then the whole thing starts ove at about 4am. We've taken to locking the cats out at night because of this. And Akasha, our other cat, does not appreciate it. She likes to sleep on our legs, and is not happy until the bedroom door opens in the morning. Is there anything I can do? Oh yes and Kahlan also likes to nurse on my ear. Any thoughts would be helpful.
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My kittah used to wake me up by chewing on my ear 5 min before my alarm clock would go off every day.

he grew out of it, and now does not bother the wife and I at all
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try putting a little bitter apple spray on your face if you really want it stopped.
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She loves you and is grooming you like she would her mommy. Don't push her away or punish her for doing that because a mommy kitty wouldn't do that.

Just say "no" and distract her by lifting her up and moving her away. She's little and will grow out of it. Though she might still want to give some kisses when she's older. My Chynna loves to give me kisses on the nose. So we mutually "groom" each other at bedtime. She licks my nose and I rub her chin and nose. When it gets painful I move my head away and if she wants to continue I let her lick my hand, but by that time she's ready to settle down and go to sleep and either leaves or goes to the foot of the bed.
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Some kittens do seem to do this more than others. I simply tell them, "No, I don't like that!" or "Not my face!" followed by a loud "TSCH!", which is my expression of displeasure for cats, dogs, horses - they all seem to realize that the behavior is unacceptable when I use that expression. But I do place the kitten next to my side & stroke it, so it gets the cuddling that it needs. As they get older, they all seem to prefer sleeping at the foot of the bed.
As for the nursing, you could try getting her a kitten bottle & see if it's not too late to train her to suckle on it. It's more of a hassle washing bottles, but it does sometimes satisfy the suckling urge, esp. if she was weaned too early (before 10-12 wks.). some kittens like to suckle on long-furred stuffed animals or certain blankets.
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She is just a kitten........I say humor her for now, when she grows up you will look back at it and say "when she was a kitten, she did the cutest thing". They are babies and just need a little more attention, just like human babies but for a much shorter amount of time.
When I first got Maia, she was so tiny and I could NOT put her down for a second, cry and stumble-run after me. I had to make a sling for her to rest in against my chest, doing dishes, anything I did she had to be there! Believe me it was frustrating, but it did'nt last long.....a week. Better then something painful or distructive.
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In the beginning, our kitten Tohru sometimes woke my partner up by licking his ear. Now when you're petting her, and she's in a supreme state of being-pet-happiness, she'll lick my eye, which I think is cute and I always say 'thank you very much'. Thank god she only licks now, when we just got her, she didn't quite know how to do it, and actually bit my eyelid multiple times, which is auch.
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