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I have two kittahs.

One is 8 months old (female), other is 4 months old (male) Brother and sister, one litter appart.

anyways, I have had the female fixed and am pondering about having the same done to the male. What are the odds of him spraying with out being fixed? will his personality change any?

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If you neuter him know you will probably not note any change in personallity. He will stay your kity and never realy grow up. If you don't neuter him you will see a change in his personality when he grows up.
If not neutered he will spray but it is not sure you will ever notice. Not all male cats sprays inside.
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If he is not neutered, the chances that he will begin to spray are increased significantly. And you WILL notice it. Intact male cat spray is probably the worst thing you will ever smell - especially on a really humid day. You absolutely do NOT want this boy to begin this behavior. Intact males, if not allowed to breed, can become quite mean and aggressive, even if they were little loverboys when they were kittens. He may become anxious and upset, he may start to bite and claw at people and even cause serious injury to you or to the other cats in your home. Neutering him BEFORE he reaches sexual maturity is the only way to decrease the chances of that happening.

My advice to you is to get him neutered now. If you allow him to reach sexual maturity and he begins to spray, even if you neuter him then, it might be too late to stop the behavior. Don't wait. Make the appointment now.
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