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We met Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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He's on the Californian Governer campaign trail, and our neighbour is a Republican and very involved with the campaigning and his reelection. I was talking to her last night and saying we had to get her around for dinner because Andrew was keen to talk politics. We don't support any party, especially since we can't vote over here, but we can't stand Dubya, and align our views with Democratic views, and don't really know how politics over here, so we're keen to see what her Republican views were.

So she said she had a couple of spare tickets to this rally that was on today nearby and said Arnie would be there and would we like to go. We never thought we would go to a Republican rally, but thought "what the heck".

So along we went, and it was all very interesting, and we got to shake Arnie's hand at the end! Woohoo!

It seems as though he's done great things for California, and plenty of Democrats over here also seem to believe that. If we were allowed to vote, we'd probably vote for him

And at the end he said.... "I'll be back"!

Anyway, so here's some piccies!

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That's Arnold alright!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!
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I am basically a Democrat, although I believe in voting the for the man and not the party. Anyway, I am actually quite happy with Arnold, and what he's done for California. I also like the fact that he disagree's a lot with Dubya, even if they are of the same political party.

I hopnestly hope he'll "be back".
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That is awesome! Good for you in listening to both sides!
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I agree Hope - I think that's why he's been popular - he does what's right, not what his party tells him to.

As part of his speech, he said as one of the things he's achieved is that California is leading in stem cell research - something Bush is very against. And he's leading the way in supporting the environment as well which is great!
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I've waited on him before, years ago, on several different occasions. He's very congenial and fun to be around.
I don't agree with his environmental record, though - I've been spending too much time doing research, and not liking what I've found.
I do like his standing up to Washington DC, though!
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