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A second cat - is male/male ok?

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I have a 6 month old male (neutered) kitten that I just love. Have really been thinking about getting another one. I don't know why but I am just drawn to male cats more then female (probably past experience).

Is it ok to have male/male or would male/female be better?

Any issues with two male cats sharing a litterbox?

Is spraying more likely? (I think my cat would be a little young to spray).

Is it ok to have one clawed cat and one declawed cat?

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Male/male is perfectly okay as long as they're both neutered, which looks like it won't be a problem for you. I have two boys, one 11 months older than the other, and have had no litterbox or spraying problems at all.

Putting a declawed cat together with a clawed cat should be okay, though the declawed kitty may have trouble "defending" himself in a play fight - I hope you are saying that your current kitty is the declawed one, or that you are going to adopt a pre-declawed cat. This site does not advocate declawing, as it is quite cruel to the poor kitty (Think taking off the first joint of your finger, NOT just the nail!) but that are plenty of other threads about that. As for your question, two boys usually get along just great, as long as the introductions are done properly!
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As long as both males are neutered you should have no problems. At 6 months, your boy is still a kitten and would accept a playmate with no problems.

I like males more cause they are usually more outgoing and friendly and accepting to other cats.

You can have clawed/declawed together; cats fight more with their back legs. But the declawed one may be more fearful knowing it has no defense - you might be better off adopting the same (clawed or no claws) rather then one of each. Is your kitten declawed or the one you want to adopt?
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yes, I think you should definitely get another male, same age. My guys absolutely love each other, and I do love girl cats too, but I think the males are more playful for more years than females are. So the male wants to playh and the female doesn't want to be bothered. Getting them at this young age is good too, introductions aren't as difficult.

good luck
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My parents have a male/male pair that I grew up with(Puss and Boots), and I have a male/female pair (Buddy/Nya). They dynamic is different, but I think both pairs enjoy the other cats company, no matter the sex. Both pairs play together, both pairs cuddle (at times... it's rare with them though).

I think it has much MUCH more to do with the individual cats personality than the sex. If you were to put my Buddy with my parents cat Puss, they'd have a BLAST together, but if you were to put Nya with Boots, I don't think they'd pay any attention to each other at all. And while Buddy would drive Boots UP THE WALL and would probably get beaten up, I think Nya and Puss would get along just fine!
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Cats in the wild generally form groups that are either all male or mostly female/kittens with the token alpha male. I always recommend getting the same sex as the current resident as it is more natural for them.
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When we first got our kitten, the plan was to have him declawed. I changed my mind right away but it took longer to change my husband's mind. We have had him 2 months and he, for the most part, only scratches his cat tree and his carboard box. So, there was really no need to put him through awful, risky surgery.

Anyhow, I am wondering if I would be so lucky with a second kitty. So, I saw a few very nice sounding cats that are 6-9 months old and already declawed. That is the reason for my question. But, it does still worry me. My sister had two females (only one declawed) -- the declawed cat was a chronic pee-er outside the box and ruined thousands of dollars of carpeting in three different houses. I wonder if maybe the declawed cat felt vulnerable or stressed because the other cat had claws (although they were really too old to play). Who knows?

Anyhow, so many things to consider. Will my sweet kitten still want to sit on the desk while I type if there is another cat around? Will he still wake me up at 6:00am everyday by laying on my back? (I hope not!)

It is good to know that male/male is ok because that is what I'll do (if I do it)>
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