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Feline Diabetes and cat food

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My feline buddy of 8 years has been diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor has him on insulin two times daily and there have been wonderful changes in his overall health and demeanor since treatment but he isn't digging the food she put him on at all. She has him on an RX diet that is high in protein. He doesn't care for the food but he does eat it when he gets hungry enough. I just don't think that's healthy for him now that he is taking the insulin. The food is VERY expensive and I wonder if there is another alternative for him. I'm sure this is the 'preferred' diet but I'm curious to know if any of you have had success with food that can be purchased at retailers such as Petco or Petsmart? He weighs about 15lbs now which is actually down from about 18 lbs a year ago. So he is loosing weight at a healthy rate and only eats about 1/2 cup daily. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I understand what you're going through - my Pushka refused to eat "healthy" cat food from the vet. She'd rather starve than eat those foods.

Our last vet, an endocrine specialist, recommended Pro Plan wet food specifically the Adult Ocean Fish & Crab Entrée in Aspice - or more commonly referred to as Fish Head Food. Its really the grossest looking stuff but my picky Pushka ate it like no tomorrow. She also liked the chicken and gravy ones too. As for dry food I switched her to Eukanuba Chicken and Rice - that was the best I could get her to eat.

Pushka was under-weight so I didn't try the low-calorie foods.

Hope that helps -
Quirky Gal and the WonderFluffs
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Havew a talk with your vet state what you did hear ... I have heard of non rx foods for this issue but wouldnt recommend them till you have guidleines like fat protein and carbs from your vet...
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Where i work, we get a frequent boarding cat who needs 3 units of insulin am and pm. although i don't know what else you would need insulin for other than diabetes, he is on Professional brand Kitten Food. He has been on it for a long time. I would not only ask your vet about this food and other advised alternative foods- beleive me... i have to buy my Munchkin Euk Low Res RX Diet in wet and hard food for the rest of her life... and even with my 30% discount, it is very expensive and adds up!

I would ask your vet... rather, save the $$ and call first... then ask a private pet food retailer that sells things other than supermarket foods, about their opinion... they have to be knowlegeable about foods for all sorts of animals or they would not be in buisness... i ask my retailer all sorts of ?'s about foods to make sure my babies are okay and healthy, because vets really only know the foods they have used and the ones they sell... besides... they are trying to sell their stock of RX only foods... they know it works but not everyone has that kind of $$

take mine and every other person's advise and this will help you!
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