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The Most Amazing Cat Scratcher Ever!

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I was just down at our local Pet Value store, where they were having a charity event to benefit the Humane Society's Fixed Fur Life program amongst other pet charities! Anyway, they were selling these cat scratchers for $2 each. Anyway, I thought ho hum, another thing that they won't use! They have scratching posts, cat trees (which they play on but don't scratch) and you name it, they've got it! Anyway, I bought one and brought it home. You've never seen anything like it. Loki and Jacob could hardly wait for me to open the box and then were engaged in a shoving match to see who got to use it first! Loki got it first and went right to town, scratching away and then was straddling it trying to fend Jacob off! You never saw anything so funny! Jacob finally got him budged (not easy because Loki is a BIG cat - last weight was about 16 lbs and that was before he started his prednisone for asthma)! Then Jacob lay down on top of it and wouldn't move and Loki started to cry! I went back to the event and bought three more - they can each have one and am keeping two for when they tear these to shreds.

These are the simplest things you ever saw! A cardboard box maybe 2 feet long and about 5 or 6 inches across and about 3 inches deep. You remove the lid and there is a heavy corrugated cardboard filler that is very dense, filling the box and it has teeny tiny honeycomb type holes. You take the organic catnip (yes, that's the key) and sprinkle it on top and rub into the holes. Then put on the floor and watch the cats go insane! They are made by Nutro Natural Choice and it looks like they were made as free gifts if you bought a bag of the Natural Choice Complete Care cat food, but the Humane Society had a bunch and was selling them! Right now the cats are both zonked out, each on top of their own scratcher. Amazing!
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Yes we have those here in California to at petsmart, walmart pretty much everywhere, I haven't bought one I was afraid they would tear it to shreds, Maybe I will get 1 or 2 or 3 , It's good to know they stay together Thanks for that
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My cats love them too. In case you don't know, when one side of the cardboard is all torn up, you can flip it over and use the other side. I don't know how many of those scratch pads my cats went through before I realized you could use both sides.
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We go through those regularly...they love 'em! Yes, I do flip them over because JinJin digs to China on her turbo scratcher
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Yuppers! Both of mine love them too. Quite sturdy little buggers. And definitely flip the cardboard insert to double the lifetime on them. Gosh - $2 each is a STEAL and the fact that it went to a good cause makes it even better!!

BTW, for those with bigger cats, they do make a "double-wide" version of it. Mine LOVE it, and they would take turns laying flat on it so the other couldn't use it.
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My cats love the "Cat Cavern" play-scratcher! And it is really sturdy. Bless their little feline hearts - they don't need anything fancy to be totally satisfied
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While I was at Target I picked up a new SmartyKat Scrach Pod - this thing is great! Its your typical cardboard scratcher, but its in a reusable plastic container. It looks nicer than your typical cardboard scratcher, and you can buy refills for it cheaper than buying the whole thing again. Plus, you can substitute different types of inserts that they sell for it - normal corrugated cardboard, carpet, and sisal! It also comes with attachments for hanging it on a doorknob or anchoring it to the wall, and of course includes organic catnip. The boys couldn't wait until I got it open, and Billy tried to cram himself into the box, which is just about two inches tall. But the best thing is - it only cost $5!! If your cats liked those cardboard ones, I highly recommend these when they wear them out. I know I'll probably buy a few more!
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I also have the cat cavern version of this and I was totally surprised that it lasts as long as it does. They do shred it after a while, but you can flip it over and have them use the reverse side before you replace the insert. Mine last close to a year before I have to replace them.
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Wow, my Mom had one of those for her cat years ago, and the kitty never used it! I don't think it had catnip, though. I'll pick one up when I see it, because yesterday I caught Festus scratching on the kitchen table leg!
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Wow! I had never seen these before until I got them yesterday at the charity event! I'm thrilled to know that they can be purchased elsewhere! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for them. I like the sounds of the refillable ones and the double wides - Lord knows Loki could use a double-wide! Thanks for all the great info! By the way, the boys are still going to town on them - if one goes and uses one the other goes rushing over to the other scratcher. They were both sleeping on them this am when I got up!
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I don't think I have seen these one's at Pet Value. I'll have to take a look to see if my local one carries them! :
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