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Smudge update

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Just an update of our tiny foster kitten Smudge. She's about 4 weeks old, 12 oz (340g), and has no mother or siblings. We picked her up on Thursday and she was filthy and raggedy looking. She's very sweet though!

I've been cleaning her fairly regularly (after each meal actually, she's messy!), and combing her with a little flea comb afterwards, and her coat is look a bit better already. She certainly doesn't smell as bad...

She had very loose stools on Thursday overnight (and missed her litter tray), and walked through them, and made a general mess of her cage. This morning, when I went to her cage she'd only done one poo, but it made it into the litter box, and was a lot more firm and the cage looked much cleaner overall.

On the first night she took forever to settle down when she was in her cage, but last night we watched a movie, so had her in the lounge room with us, and played with her for a while, then I put her on my chest while we watched the movie. I had a button up shirt, and she snuggled down into my shirt so she was laying on my skin and lay there purring the whole movie. Occasionally she would go to hubby to say hello, and I don't think she slept at all, she just hung with us quietly DH put her down his shirt, and she ended up snuggling up there against his chest and was quite cosy.

She slept all through the night again though, and this morning I got her out and brought her into our bedroom, and she played for a while (she's SO cute when she plays - she learning to pounce and wriggle her bum), chased Lily and Stumpy (they're getting used to her slowly), and then had more food, a bath (I pretty much got her completely soaked this time), then we dried her with a towel and sat in front of the heater with her. She walked up and down DH's legs in front of the heater - like she was blowdrying herself! She was very cute. I gave her a good comb while she was drying, and she started falling asleep and was pretty much completely dry, so we put her back in her cage with a heat pack, and she sat on that, and we covered her cage, left the room and didn't hear a peep out of her! She must've just crashed. She normally mews for a few minutes when we leave her.

Such a sweetheart!
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Awww - what a little sweetie!
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Oh, good luck to both of you. She sounds like a real doll.
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Could she get any sweeter??
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Could she get any sweeter??
she sounds adorable
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Bless you for rescuing Smudge And sounds like she's progressing very well - will she be posing for pics anytime soon (hint,hint )
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She's already got 2 photo threads!

Here and here.

There's a few photos and a video throughout the second thread.
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