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Cats Love to Tear up Paper

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I have two cats.A one year old male and a one an ahalf year old female. I work days with weekends off. Every day when I come home, anything paper has been destroyed. Magazines, newspapers, paper towels, toilet paper, mail, all destroyed. What causes this behavior and how can I stop it?? Please help, dispurrrrate.
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The best way to stop it is to keep paper out of reach. Some cats are paper destroyers, it's a cat-like behavior. There isn't really a cause, they're not doing it to make you angry. I spoke to the vet about it when she first started doing it as a kitten, and he said it was very common.

I have to keep my tp in a drawer, or this happens:

She's also destroyed textbooks, paper towels, mail, etc. I just deal with little holes and tears in everything paper.

After all, it's my fault for not keeping it out of her reach.
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and welcome to TCS its great here with lots of advice, support and friendship and we have some fun now and then
It also sounds like your cats have lots of fun too ! I´m not sure what causes this behaviour, do you have toys and other cat related things for them to focus their attention on ? The only thing you can do is remove all the paper things you dont want them to rip up !!
Well good luck and keep us updated, oh and when you get settled in, we love to see some photos of the culprits

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My cats love a new roll of toilet paper! They make it very festive looking. I thought I'd die laughing the first time I saw that. I have two cats that do it. I keep it out of reach but every once in a while I let one out. Glad it isn't too terribly expensive.
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my 3 kitties are the same...one day they were all in the kitchen and it was very quiet i went 2 investigate and all over the floor was shredded kitchen roll!!!!
basically yeh i just keep things out of their way,however i can keep books out and they leave them alone the only time they will be interested in these is when i have them open and am using them LOL
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Two of mine do it but Dushka is the champion! Not just paper but cardboard - she gets the edge of a folder in her teeth and then pulls with her claws till it rips across. She managed to do this to all my research folders for my MA. Now I keep a box of waste paper in easy reach and anything else lock away. And always keep the bathroom doors closed - toilet paper is just too tempting.
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As all the others have said this is normal cat behavior. I stack up newspaper on the kitchen counter before I take it out to the recycling bin. Many times I have come home to find all the newspaper on the floor some of it shredded. Now I take the papers out immediately instsead of at the end of the day. The only way to prevent it is to keep paper out of their reach. My bathroom doors are closed, paper towels are in the cupboard and there are no papers on the desk. Also, your cats are young and still in full play mode. As my cats have grown older the paper shredding behavior has lessened. No guarantees there, though.
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