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Cute Thing Anya Did

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Ok, I had to share this. It's been a rough week at work so I allowed myself to sleep in this morning. Brian had left EARLY/pre-dawn because they're shooting a short film this weekend. So poor Anya has had to entertain herself all morning.

When I woke up I gived just calling her name a try while I was still in bed. After calling it twice a little head popped from around the corner of the closet door. She hopped up in bed with me and sat on my chest and rubbed up on me and purred. She did this for 5 MINUTES. She's usually bores of being lovey after a minute or so.

Then...here's the cute part. When I got up to use the bathroom she went with me. In fact she hopped up in my lap. When I was finished and flushed she hopped up on the toilet rim and gazed in at the running water...and proceed to turn around and "cover up" the inside of the toilet with her paws. It's like she was saying, "SHEESH Mom. Don't you know you have to cover it up!? Nevermind, I'll do it for you."

Now I better go because she's wanting to play. She keeps hopping up in my lap for a split second and bopping me with a paw and running off and hiding, only to return and do the same thing a minute later. Crazy kitty.
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Awwwww How sweet.
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What a little sweetie!
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Gotta love how they have no shame, huh?! LOL...I have the same deal with my two boys...There's no possibility of using the washroom by yourself, they HAVE to come join you...They squabble over who gets to sit on your lap while you do your business, insist on helping you wash your hands after (playing with the stream of water from the faucet), and good luck showering without two little sets of kitty eyes staring at you between the shower curtains. (one is material on the outside of the tub, the other is clear plastic inside the tub, so they sit between the two) But I love it! Couldn't ask for two cuter boys to be peeping at me, LOL! It's hilarious when guests come over, as the cats sneak in the bathroom before the door is closed, and hide behind the toilet, and jump in their lap! You should hear the shrieks comming down my hallway, hehe!
Your girl sounds like such a sweetie, and looks it! I just love when they're affectionate like that! What a nice day you must have had to share together!!
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Yep, we played til she tuckered herself out and then it was back to the bedroom where she curled up under the covers to snooze (I had the AC on full blast) while I enjoyed some Northern Exposure on DVD.

Then I decided since I had a few minutes to myself with her snoozing I would run a bubble bath, light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and hop in with a good book. I was barely in the tub when she pushed the bathroom door open and hopped up on the edge of the tub to nuzzle some more. Then she curled up on the toilet seat to snooze until I finished.

Now as I type she's in a pocket of sun in the windowsill watching birds. I love the weekends and spending the whole day with her.
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Brian says she's done the same thing to him both times he's been in our bathroom today. Once he's done she hops up on the rim and "covers it up". How cute is that?!
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
Brian says she's done the same thing to him both times he's been in our bathroom today. Once he's done she hops up on the rim and "covers it up". How cute is that?!
That is so cute At least she waits till you're done! If JC feels that someone is stinking the bathroom up too much, instead of leaving, he scratches at the wall as if asking for a courtesy flush
BTW, your day with Anya sounded just so relaxing - like a mini-vacation
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That's sooo cute 'covering up' for you!
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