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Are Grays really rare?

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I love my little gray kitten Rocko, he's a Russian Blue/ Tabby mix we think, my sister found him at a gas station, the poor boy'd been abandoned.
So yeah, I've heard those kinds of cats are that true?
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My inlaws have a gray kitty they took in from the streets, but I have never seen another.
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The way I understand it, your cat is a blue or grey. As is mine, I think she's a grey tabby, or grey and cream or white or something.

Silver cats are rare. They have a silvery white undercoat and it is very striking the difference between a silver and a grey.

I'm sure a breeder or someone with a lot of knowledge about coat colors will be along to explain it better than I can, but my point is, silver cats are rarer, and grey or blue cats are common, and yours is grey or blue.
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I see
thanks for the help ^.^
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The genetics doesn't really matter. If you think your cat is rare, then your cat is rare.

My cats are the rarest cats in the world!!!
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Jacob is a silvery gray. He's a Russian Blue but obviously has somehing else mixed in because he has long fur! He has the structure of a Russian Blue, delicate build and sweet temperament (but don't tick him off) and the double coat with the silvery ends - only difference is the top coat is longer than usual. My daughter got him at a pet store. He had just arrived and was still in the back. He and his sister were coming in from a breeder - why I don't know but there was a young person working in the store at the time they arrived. My daughter fell in love with him and asked how much he was. The clerk said, gee I don't know, the other kittens we have here are $50 so how's that! Anyway, the vet says he's a Russian Blue and someone made a huge mistake in the pricing!
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Originally Posted by shengmei View Post
The genetics doesn't really matter. If you think your cat is rare, then your cat is rare.

My cats are the rarest cats in the world!!!
Very well said.
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Well I have two gray cats, I dont think they're that rare.
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I have a gray kitty also, and she is a rare one indeed
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I dont think greys are as common as some other colours, and there might be a genetic reason for that, but I can't remember. And a large number of greys and blues have pedigrees somewhere in their background.
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Zoe is gray as well. I always wondered the same thing though because I haven't really seen many cats that are all gray like she is. However I've not really been around many cats since I got her so that could be why lol. Either way though she is one special kitty as is Cosmo
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I think each and every cat in their own rite is rare (not what I have under my name....There Are No Ordinary Cats).

I've seen lots of grey kitties....In fact where we lived before our neighbors had a huge grey kitty with a slight white underbelly...he was ever so friendly.
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