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I have a problem

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My Cat, Turbo, has just had a litter of six. I have now noticed,they being nearly three weeks old, that almost all of them have an eye problem. I have tried to find ways to help cure the illness (if it is one).

They seem to have a crust surrounding their eyes that prevent them from seeing due to the fact that it seals it shut. Then, when it does eventually break away and allow the kitten to see again, a sort of thick green goop starts coming out of the eye. Sealing it away again.

I dont know what to do, could someone help?
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It sounds like a vet trip is needed. I understand that it can be very expensive taking 6 kittens and a mom to the vet, but you could call and see if they will see the mom and one kitten and then prescribe for all.
It is something that shouldn't wait because kittens can go downhill very fast. OH, the reason for taking the mom too is incase she has something that is being passed on to the kittens through the milk.

Green and or yellow is suggestive of infection which needs medical attention.

Good luck with getting your babies well.
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You need the vet to prescribe the appropriate eye ointment for them, and yes, you need to take them in. However, if all 6 have the same exact eye issue, ask if you can bring in just the worst one, and get medicine for all 6.

Until you get to the vets, though it sounds as if you already are, you must keep the eyes from resealing - gently with warm cotton balls, wash the crust away so the lids are open..sealed with an infection, you can cause serious eye damage.

This can be cleared up, but there may be residual damage - my second litter only, and the only time this happened, the mom picked up something when off to be bred, and the newborns did develop eye ickies at a very young age. I got it cleared up wth vet assistence, but one kitten had damage to his tear ducts

I'd get them (or at least 1 or 2 of them) in TODAY...green discharge is a def. sign of infection.

Please come back and let us know what happens and how they are doing?
Good luck.
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