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Tuesday DT

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Please send some "Go Away Flu" vibes my way!

I am so beat right now. I've had the flu since friday and it is just wearing me down. Spent the first two nights not being able to sleep with all the "running to the bathroom" events going on and then, spent sunday and monday hardly being able to drag myself out of bed. My stomach is still very quesy. I really hate being sick. I'm a big suck.

Other than that....not much else going on in my neck of the woods.

Hope everyone has a better day than I've had these past few!!
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I'm sorry you are sick. Jeanie and I were wondering where you have been, so at least know you have been missed. Hope you feel better soon. It could be worse...hubby could be sick too, and we all know there is nothing worse than a sick man!

Not much going on here. Just work - blah. Have to look at townhomes for rent later today, too. Maybe, since it is closer to 30 day from when we want to move, I can actually get somewhere. I'm getting a little nervous because most of the townhomes for rent want someone to move in immediately, which I can't do. I need to give my landlord 30 days notice, but since my least expires on Aug. 31 could they penalize me if I don't? I hate this part of moving. I like to plan ahead and the places for rent apparently don't believe in that.

Have a great day!
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Pretty much, the usual, around here. I've got swing shifts, the rest of the week.

We got a good, heavy rain, yesterday evening. The cats spent most of the time, at the open doors and windows, watching it. We're supposed to get it, again, today. Better remember to take my umbrella to work.

Have a good day, all.
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We, also finally had much needed rain! There were some amazing thunder storms in the last 2 days with a few small hurricanes thrown in for fun! Yesterday lightening hit a hydro pole and cause about ten poles to fall over trapping people in their cars for 3 hours while they were making sure all of the power was off. Fortunately no one was hurt!

Ghys! I am sending feel well vibes your way. I was off yesterday with a migraine,, but fortunately it only lasted 24 hours. Did you go to the doctor?

I got to play with my 8 week old niece on the weekend. She is getting cute little rolls of babyfat with the little dimples on her elbows and knees. She is getting to be big! I don't see her for a few weeks and it is like a whole new kid.

Same old same old at work. I hope everyone is having an ok day!
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Well, it's Monday for me. I had yesterday off so I know it'll be a pretty awful day for me, but I am ready for it so maybe I can control some of the yuckys soon to come my way?
Off to work an a couple of hours. I haven't worked a night shift in three weeks so it'll be tiring for me. But it is my usual shift so I am not complaining. I just filled in for the other girl who was on vacation so to speak...Ah the life of a restaurant worker.
It is beautiful here today as was yesterday. the porch doors are opened and the cats are out on them checking out everything! I really need to find Twig a harness because he is crying to go out but I can't find one big enough to fit his 15+ pounds!I am thinking about making one of my own but I am not sure how that'd work..What do you all think???
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jugen: Maybe, a dog harness would work. I know that they go all the way up to sizes for BIG dogs.
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Heidi and Cindy! I have almost the same questions for both of you. Heidi, how is your husband's new job working out, and Cindy, are you still looking to make a change? Also, what about the fires in both your states? I'm still hearing some news reports.
G. I'm sorry you have been sick. I was happy to see that you added to the new and improved---HERE comes the commercial--Let's make a story. Our new heroine is named Jessica, and I have just learned that her friend's name is Daniela. She's in danger, as usual, but her handsome hunk of a boyfriend might be able to help her eventually! G., do you have any children? I remember the upchuck marathons very well, even though my kids have left the nest! Oh, misery. I have not been able to use Pinesol ever since they were little. It brings back too many (OHHHHH---) memories!
I wonder if Tigger has found a job yet. I hope so. Have a great day, everyone.
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I tried to get a dog harmess for him and it was to small and didn't fit him right around his legs. I am at my wits end with it! The cat ones are to small and the dog ones don't fit right! what is a poor cat person to do!? But thanks for the advice...
Oh yeah BTW: that was rude of me, whiskers mom, I hope you are feeling better. Try some warm 7-up for your tummy. It does help.
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Jeanie: the current fires are small and easily contained. The big problem, now that the rains have come, is runoff. The burned areas don't have any vegetation, to contain the water and the ground is similar to asphalt. The San Pedro River has turned black, from the ash running off of the Catalinas.

I'd like to change jobs but, things aren't looking too good, here. I'm going to wait, until my VA pension comes through. I'll, also, get medical and educational benefits and can afford to quit Walgreen's and go to school. Bill can get me on, a couple of days a week, running parts. That, plus the VA and alimony will keep me going.

Thanks for asking.
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Thanks for all of the good vibes. I am beginning to feel somewhat "normal". I went for lunch...what a treat! Still a little on the shaky side but at least the appetite is returning.

Ady, no....I have not seen the doctor. I'm hoping this will go away on it's own.

Heidi, how right you are. Men have women beat when it comes to being sick and needing "help".

Wish I had some harness advice but I don't. Sorry...

Thanks again! Things are slowly looking up!

Have a great after-noon all!
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The fire situation here is much the same as AZ. Of course, there are new ones popping up all the time, just not as big as the old ones. There's one burning up by Estes Park that is a little over 4,000 acres, and only about 3-4 miles out of town. Such a beautiful area, I hate to see that. The big concern is the runoff, although we really haven't gotten enough rain to even make that a big concern. The Hayman fire burned all around Denver's main water supply reservoir, so if that area gets real wet, the water could be tainted.

Earl's job is going pretty well. He's actually not doing tech work now, but selling computer stuff on Ebay. If anyone needs a portable printer, he's got some on there now under the seller name of Valan. It's working out pretty well. He gets to spend most of his time at home sitting on the computer, and he gets paid for it. We're both pretty happy. Thanks for asking, Jeanie.
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Ghyslaine, I am so sorry to hear you have been sick!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!!!!
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Thanks vikki.
I remember you mentioning it in another post, but being scatterbrained as Tigger says, I forgot where you posted it...
I am going to look at walmart for one as soon as I can get out there.
Hopefully I can fiond one. He is driving me goofy(short drive true, but still LOL)
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