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Innova Question

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Abby had to go to the vet last week because she was scooting and having a hard time pooping. It turns out her anal glands were full so he had to express them (not fun - I felt like such a bad Mommy while he was doing it. Weeeeell it turns out she's a tad overweight... She weighs 14 pounds.
So they recommend I put her on lite food. She is currently eating Purina One dry and Friskies wet (I know, it's junk food I tried to switch her to Nutro but she hated it). I went to the store and they reccommened Innova so I got some cans of the wet and dry lite formula. I figured since she needs to be on a diet I might as well switch her over to a better quality food.
My question is both have potato in them and I thought potatoes were bad for cats? Is it ok to feed this? I want to start switching her over this weekend. She is also currently on Cat Lax and I feed her a little pumpkin every day.
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Potato is in the food as an alternative to grain. I'm assuming you got Innova Lite or Reduced Fat (either the pink bag or the orange bag), and not Innova EVO (the copper shiny bag). Potato is much easier on them than corn or wheat, which you will not find in Innova.
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Yes it's the lite in the orange bag. Thanks! Now all I have to do is get her to eat it!
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My cats are on IAMS Lamb and Rice. It's light on the stomach.
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I am on the fence with potato( my vet says she is seeing massive allergies to potatos ) ... I serve it in small quanitys in wet food ... Potato is digest about as well as corn ( not well ) and wheat in a non allergic animal is digested better... I like INNOVA but I would like to warn you that you got a formula that is changing ( I have seen the new one( in dry) and why did they mess with it...

If she doesnt like INNOVA light try the regular or EVO ... Other tasty and good options would be Solid Gold , california natural , premium edge and others..
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First of all, you're an excellent Mommy to observe Abby's symptoms and get her to her Vet straight away to have her treated! We sure do empathize with your feelings of guilt as she was undergoing her quite undignified procedure. It's terrible when our little ones are so distressed when we're at the Vet. They always depend on us, and in this case, we're unable to swoop on to rescue them.

My Sierra has eaten Innova wet for years, as does her little sister now. Sierra began with the regular Innova when she was younger, later switching to the Lite formula when the time came. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, Innova Lite is being discontinued, so this will not be an option for very much longer.

I very strongly support and recommend Natura' quality products. Serenity adores Evo and given the opportunity, will inhale an entire can as if she's been starving for days! I would feel that in planning her new health diet to promote her gradual weight loss, Evo wouldn't be the best choice in comparison to Innova regular or California Natural due to its higher caloric and fat content, and for similar reasons, California Natural would be preferred over Innova. I would also recommend a wet diet, or at least prominently wet, over a dry diet.

Hope you enjoy your new healthy lifestyle plan, Abby!
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Thank you all for the advice! Sharky and Dawnofsierra I think I'll try the California Natural. I went to two pet stores today and they both had it (only one store in my town sells Innova and it's on the other side of town).
I fed her a mixture of the Innova and Friskies for her afternoon meal. Needless to say she was not impressed, she picked around all the potatoes. It's a good thing I only bought two cans. I'll go this week and pick up some California Natural.
Dawnofsierra I am going to move her to a mostly wet diet (she likes it better anyway). I'll leave some dry out for her to snack on but not as much as she has now. I hate to say it but before I came here I thought a dry diet was best for their teeth.
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