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Dry flakey paws

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Hi - one of my cats has always had very dry skin and paws - he is the only one of the 5 who suffers from dandruff

Now that winter is coming up, I know that the dandruff will flare up again, and his paws will probably get even more hard and flakey. I dont actually know if this bothers him, but would like to give him a supplement anyway.

Any suggestions? I know there are supplements out there for skin and hair, or alternatively is olive oil good for skin (I know its good for dandruff)

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Molly gets dry flaky paws from time to time, so I use Denes Skin Balm for cats and dogs. You can buy it in Jollyes and I suspect you can get it from Pets At Home too (but don't quote me on that!)

I find that after one application, her paws are so much better for a long time afterwards, so we rarely use it!
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