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Need help naming black kitten

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My mother in law is having trouble naming her new 3 month old black kitten. He is our kitten Max's brother. When we saw Max, his name was Frank. Didn't like that at all, and immediately Max came to mind. Mom in laws kitten on the other hand needs a great name, so we are hoping for help from all of you.

He is a super loving cat, loves to cuddle people and needs to have attention. He purs up a storm, having the same Harley Davidson pur motor as his brother, our Max. He is very friendly to other animals, accepting them within hours of introduction, and has this cute habbit of sitting up on his haunches like a kangaroo when curious about something out of site. He has a small white tuft on his chest, and one between the legs, that are out of site unless looking for them, and is all black to the casual onlooker.

Please no witch craft or death/curse names, but we are looking for something unique and fitting for this sweet little love.

Hope to see many suggestion!!!!!! We are all anxious to be able to call the "kitten" by his real name.
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Or see this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35578

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Mickey or Monty goes well with Max. (Keeping a family rhythm.)
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How about Stormy
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How about "Ebony"?
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So far the favorites are Shadow, licorice,Ace, and Pepper.

Will let you know when he gets his name
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Ok, the official name is Shadow, as he is allways underfoot like a shadow, following mom and dad around the house. It's funny, cause when we brought Shadow to visit, Dad in law was adamant that another cat was NOT coming into the house. Now he is so in love with Shadow, we call him Dads cat.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
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thats a cool name for a blackcat
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